BAKRA Voters of hindustan

BAKRA VOTERS (Bakra पढ़ाओ , 2019 बचाओ)
I had shared my views earlier too, about the voters duty is above the voters rights. As a voter, if i fulfill my duty, only than i shall be able to protect my right as a citizen & the sovereignty we all align to.
The authority & DUTY i have is to vote for a person, not for a party, nor for a PM or CM. So why to even vote for PM or CM.  How to do this :- Lets check the profile of the local candidate ( Councillor, MLA, MP) on internet, ask the people around you about the work he has done. If u feel alright, than vote. If you are unaware, it is better not to vote.  NOT Voting is not a crime, Voting a wrong candidate IS. Choose a candidate who can fight for his constituency & can take your local issues at central level.
My previous blog on this.
Few lines dedicated to Bakra Voters who may still vote for marketed politics

ओ  मेरे हिंदुस्तानी voter बकरे, इस बार तो तू बच ले,  फि…

Vyavastha se Avastha tak

व्यवस्था से अवस्था 
Are we encapsulated in situations, reactions & consumptions. Always trying to find something, which we dont have, but trying and pursuing is overcasting the moments we are trying to breathe.
At times I implode, implosions become painful & thus i explode. The stretchmarks of this implosion & explosion are helping to stay disconnected from the situation & leading me to a condition.

Happiness is not a situation, but its a condition. We, or may i say, I am trying to fulfil the desires by pushing myself in situations, but the condition remains un-affected.

इस कदर व्यवस्था में जुटे हैं  हर पल को बेचकर अवस्था से ही परे हैं  शायद कल सुहाना हो  जिसमे हमारा फ़साना हो  ज़िन्दगी इक पैमाना हो  इसी कश्मक़श में जुटे हैं  इस कदर व्यवस्था में जुटे हैं, अवस्था से ही परे हैं

इक पल को बेचते हैं  इक खरीदने के लिए  तो इक आँख मींचते हैं  अगले पल को सींचने के लिए  रंज की स्याही से अपने ही निगह्बां को पीसते हैं  शायद व्यवस्था में फसे हैं  इसी लिए कल को सींचते हैं 
कल की तलाश मे…

Mann ki talash ( Pursuit of Self)

मन की मैं  (mann ki main )

मन के भावों में जो अंजाना सा अभाव है  अपने अस्तित्व से जुदा, इक अनोखा सा लगाव है  रेत के घरों में रहता , इक बेचैन सा ठहराव है 
आस  पास से लिए उधार के शब्दों, से दुनिया उसारता  और आज उसी मन का, मन से मुटाव है  जाने कैसे, जाने क्यों, खुद ही से अलगाव है 

खुद ही के चुने हुए पथ पर से भागने का मन है  ये दुनिया मेरी बुनी हुई है, या फिर मेरा कोई भ्रह्म है  राहगीरों को देखता , उन्ही में सम्मिलित हो जाता हूँ 
मेरे खुद के अस्तित्व का चेहरा क्यों उदास है  पागल है शायद, मान बैठा है खुद को खुदा और  खुद ही से खुद लड़कर जा बैठा है जुदा  शायद इस मन की मैं का यही इलाज है 

Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, Beti ke sawaal se samajh jao


A very good campaign of Beti Bachao & Beti Padao is going on. But the new generation is now raising some new questions about our surroundings. one such question was raised by my daughter, which tries to pierces into the hypocrisy. In fact, this raises a big question for everyone.

She asked me, Papa just like Beti Bachao Beti Padao, is for girls, " Boys ke liye kya hota hai ( what campaign do we have for boys) ?". Now, this small question has a lot of hidden questions in itself. I was a little held back, or may be, a little clue-less. As what should i say to my 5 year old kid.

But, i couldnt lie to her, i told her, what ever i thought is appropriate keeping in view what she could easily understand. But it was highly difficult for me not to rupture her safe zone & not to let her come out of her kids Zone & enter into a boy or girl zone. If she starts relating that she is a girl first and a kid later, that would be hig…

Ayodhya ( Ram Janma Bhoomi) - An INDIAN Muslim archaeologists view

Ayodhya ( Ram Janma Bhoomi) - An INDIAN Muslim archaeologists view
सब लोगों की तरह मैं भी मूर्ख बहस में शामिल होता जा रहा हूँ।  इसी के चलते हर आदमी ने एक ख्यालों की दूकान सी खोल रखी है, जिसका नाम है "मेरे ख्याल में..." और इसी दूकान में कुछ एक assumption के चलते खुद को convince  कर लिया है , के जो हमारे धार्मिक belief  हैं , वो इंसानी कीमत से महंगे हैं।  उसी तरह मेरे भी कुछ खयालात और धूल जमी हुई संवेदनशील वैचारिकता है।

आज कल राम जी के नाम पर बहुत सी बातें और उन की धरोहर पर हक्क जमाने का ज़माना चल रहा है , इसी के चलते और अपनी न-समझी के चलते मैंने भी google देवता को प्रणाम करते हुए एक research की और मुझे एक बहुत ही अद्भुत एवं सोचने पे मजबूर करने वाला article मिला।  उसे आपके साथ share करना चाहता हूँ।

article K.K.Muhammed जी का लिखा हुआ है।

A few excerpts have been shared below for your reference, although in english:-

Question 1). Was there a temple beneath the Babri Masjid? - Yes
Mir, the chief of t…

Aadhaar to be linked with Facebook & Tinder

New Delhi: 26 December 2017. Although the news came after christmas party but New Year Eve is already spoiled for many office camouflaged party goers. The govt. has decided to link the accounts on social networking & dating apps like Tinder with the aadhaar card. Very Strongly objecting to this, President of TAU (Tinder app users Association), who himself is having multiple accounts in the name of Navi, Ravi, Kavi etc, has said that this is breach of privacy, firstly the govt. must allow us to have multiple aadhaar cards, so as to manage our multiple accounts. one member was heard quoting "Bhai, Bank account to theek se, par yo, tinder wali baat to ghanni galat laagi sarkar ki". President of TAU also said, this will demotivate all the married, fake multiple account holders & even sellers existing on this app. Govt. is not allowing us to have fun anywhere. This will in in turn make people talk about politics and ask RELEVANT questions. And this comment has sent shiver…



A big question mark comes to surface, when godmen like Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda are being convicted. The huge following of such godmen which is primarily and majorly from bottom of pyramid, lower caste or the people whom the Godmen has helped in one way or the other.

Have we ever wondered, what is the reason of this, Probably, loopholes of existing religious, traditional & ritualistic systems are an opportunity for these babas. They come and encash these loopholes, which exist in the form of divisive religious traditions which had been part of our rituals and social system.

Its 2017, and still there are lot of villages where a Scheduled Caste person cant drink water from an Upper Caste Kshatriyas/Brahmins house. We are so badly entangled and netted in the traditional and obsolete system, that we don't even open our eyes to realize the demarcation of being wrong or right.

When a group of people or a caste is snubbed because of there social…


HIGH COURT POINTERS ON GURMEET RAM RAHIM ( DERA SACHA SAUDA) Recently an advocate filed a petition with High Court.with CWP no. 19086 in year 2017.  THis was filed on 24th with a view to direct the functionaries for making apt arrangements . "....directing the respondents to make adequate security specially in District Panchkula and surrounding areas where the Court of Learned Addl. District Judge for CBI is to pronounce judgment in a criminal trial on 25.8.2017."
After this when the mayhem spread and petition was continued on 26th Aug, Below are some iconic directions given by the high court when Govt. Failed ( or they posed that they failed).
A few of the excerpt from the judgement are given below:-

 Apart from all the directions, High court has shared some stern statements on the Governance happening in Haryana. Which clearly shows a failure of administration by Govt.
A respect has got generated for judiciary.

DISCLAIMER :- The excerpts have been taken as per requirement…

Beti Bachao ..... kis se??

बेटी  बचाओ - कुछ सवाल 

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 
२ बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी 

कुछ question जो कि मेरे mind में बहुत दिन से चल रहे थे। चलो इनका सवालों का कारण ढूँढ़ते हैं

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 

ये सवाल पैदा हुआ इस बेचैनी से कि बेटी सुरक्षित नहीं है, चाहे वो बढ़ी हो या छोटी, पर क्यों?

मेरे ख्याल से हमारा system ख़राब था, शायद इसलिए - अगर हम ठीक होना  चाहते हैं तो
हमें अपनी hypocrisy छोड़नी होगी।  एक तरफ लड़कियों की पूजा की  जाती है देवी के रूप में, उसके बाद उसी देवी से पुत्र प्राप्ति का आशीर्वाद माँगा जाता है।

यही पूजनीय देवी जब अपने menses में आती है , उन 4 -5  दिनों के लिए मंदिर में आने की permission नहीं होती। ये कुछ अटपटी बातें हैं , जिनमें सुधार की आवश्यकता है।
ऐसे मंदिर, मस्जिद व् अन्य सभी धार्मिक स्थलों का पूर्ण बहिष्कार होना चाहिए ,जो समाज में असमानता फैलाते हैं।

जब बेटी पैदा होगी तो लोग hidden सांत्वना देंगे, उस बेटी को किसी देवी का रूप कह कर।
बेटियों को इन लोगों और धर्म का चोला ओढ़ने वाले कप्टी ठेकेदारों से बचाओ।

2. बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी 


बहस है भड़ास है - Behas Hai Bhadaas Hai

बहस है भड़ास है - Behas Hai Bhadaas Hai

हर तरफ जो बहस है  बहस है भड़ास है  आदमी निराश है   क्या घंटा विकास है 
जलने की आदत है  तपती हुई रेत में  तरुवर की छांव भी  लिपटी इक रेस में 
अजब सी ये प्यास है  चुबती हर सांस है  शवों की ये नगरी  लगती प्रगाढ़ है 

खून है ख़राब है  फैली बिसात है  आज मेरी बारी  तो कल तेरी रात है 
बिच्छुओं के मेले में  नाचता अकेला है वाद का विवाद है  या गहरी सी चाल है
मेरी बात सत्य है तेरी में झोल है सत्य ही असत्य है अजब सा ये मेल है

रेंगती है रौशनी तो नाचता अँधेरा है  बहस है भड़ास है  फैली बिसात है || 

DISCLAIMER:- This picture is not pasted with intention of maligning a single broadcasting group. Instead consider it as a general representation for news channels these days.


Dear NRI Brethren

It is a humble request to all of you, stop being a part of the political brigade.Pls come to your motherland, spend good time, and if possible, stay back to improve the system. If you only donate money and dont contribute with your presence, sorry to say, but there would be no difference in 5 yearly monsoon politicians and you, who want to control the system, but dont want to contribute for it.

I can understand,that it would be highly difficult for you all to stay back leaving behind the comfortable and luxurious life of your so called  " developed Nations". But Believe me, this nation is improving in terms of money, GDP, DDP, DDT, BC, MC .....god knows what are these terms, but seeing around, at least in my part of country, there is a visible improvement.
Although, there is still a huge room for improvement, but that improvement is not just going to come in with money, instead it needs some brilliant minds and investors who can get the POLICIES IMPLEMENTE…

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY 
The most easy question in each election is, "Whom shall i vote for" And we decide in a blink of an eye, who is the right one.
I feel,  i strongly feel that Something is not right here. I have a duty to vote for the candidate, who should go and represent me, my constituency, my area and shall become my voice. And am i fulfilling my duty rightly by choosing the party, at times, irrespective of the candidate i know ? In my case, choosing a candidate is not a matter of a simple choice, it is my duty as well.
These days, it is much easier to know about the local candidate, we can google, Whatsapp, check social media, public life is visible to everyone. A little research of 5 mins might enlighten you.
If still i am unsure of the candidate, in that case, i can check the party manifesto and see if that is helpful. Our ignorance is the reason that the parties have started a monkey business of printing the NEGATIVE papers defaming / ridiculing the oppositi…

Indian Budget Highlights - 2017

Indian Budget Highlights - 2017

Some Interesting and effective budget highlights shared below on Personal Taxes. Govt. has tried to demonstrate that the govt. is going to support the tax payers and are going to take action against the tax evaders. Some strong statements regarding political party fundings, some data mining results details shared by the Finance minister. Most important statements since De-monetization in November.

A few excerpts shared below.

Personal Income Tax ·More people to be brought in to the tax Net ( currently ONLY approx 3% people pay tax) ·Reduce the existing rate of Taxation 2.5 to 5 Lakh  ( Rate of Tax = 5% reduced from 10% earlier) ·0% liability for Income below 3 Lakh and 2500 for 3 to 3.5 Lakh ·Additional 10% surcharge on people earnings above 50+ lakhs ·Anyone filing the tax for 1st time will not be scrutinized for there declaration in first year
Some real Interesting Data mining results and Facts from De-Monetization 76 Lakh people are earning more than 5 Lakh …

New born girl - Not a Lakshmi for sure.

मेरी कुड़ियां लक्ष्मी नहीं है   ( My DAUGHTERS are no Lakshmi)

"Its OK yaar, ladkiyan to lakshmi hoti hain, luck le ke aati hain ....Bow Bow Bow......Blah Blah"
"कन्या देवी है , लक्ष्मी है ,  बड़ बड़ बड़। ......... "

A Line which i am hearing since last 2-3 days, since my 2nd daughter is born.

This is to all my fellow congratulate-ors who come in the garb of concerned relatives / friends. Pls stop coming to me like a cover up artist.
You all can come to me like an actual happy person and actually congratulate me if you are happy else dont bring your banters to me.

मुझे सांत्वना की ज़रुरत नहीं है।

On a serious note, i would like to humbly request everyone, pls dont burden the new borns
( irrespective of there gender ), dont burden them with HUGE responsibilities to be like gods or goddesses. Let a normal child be like a sweet normal child, be it a boy or a girl. If you become rich or poor after your child is born, it is only because of your deeds or may be some law of ka…

Black Money Interesting Facts - Funny

DE-MONETIZATION - Some Interesting Facts
8th Nov, 2016 a day which might become a question in the General knowledge books of future india,
A Day when De-monetization, an economist technical jargon became a household term.

An enthralling response was given to the announcement made by the Prime Minister, Mr.Modi on withdrawing the Legal Tender(uff!, what a term for money) of 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes from the market.
It was like so many Mango men ( Aam Aadmi - not the party) became happy that the rich, who stack the money in there houses, will have a money which will be useless.

But as the days are passing by, the decision is loosing its sheen and an un-avoidable criticism is coming to the light. Regarding myself, i am not an economist, nor any kind of financial expert. So, i would not even try to guide, advice or suggest anything. But as an effect of this decision, i certainly noted some interesting facts, which i am going to enlist for you all:-


MOVIE REVIEW: Rise of BANDA SINGH BAHADUR, ( Chaar Sahibzaade 2)

MOVIE REVIEW: Rise of BANDA SINGH BAHADUR, ( Chaar Sahibzaade 2)

Overall Rating:- 4/5

11-Nov,2016: History when portrayed with honor, instills pride. After many religious portrayals from different cultures and religions, sikhs are finally able to find, there history`s screen portrayal dues getting geared up and cleared up with movies like Chaar Sahibzaade & Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur.

After the glorying success of Chaar Sahibzaade, Bollywood`s attempt with Banda Singh Bahadur is good, appreciable and well portrayed. Finally, people get to see, some side of the vast sikh history.
This movie has been directed by Harry Baweja just like its prequel and is having the similar animation skills captured very well with Banda Singh Bahadur.

The movie which starts with the emotional side, martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur & his Son Ajay singh. The movie has very nicely & realistically tried to inculcate the pain, sacrifice, pride & valor from the history. And the balance has…

The GUILT of Kashmir



Its 1130PM, a boy, a nationalist Indian boy, calls me and shares his guilt and confesses about something.

"Sir, Mere Nana is fighting for the freedom of Kashmir, and i am feeling highly guilty and embarassed that he is my Grandfather, what should i do?"

After a pause of 2-3 sec, till the time i could recollect what he said, i responded back, what you should do is that, you need to think and introspect, if you have the freedom to think that he is wrong, shouldn't he have the freedom of thinking what he feels is right.

Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast", which translates to "if there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here". This is something quoted by a mughal emperor when he first saw kashmir. And we all need to think, what we turned it into. what is remaining, is it heaven? or is it just remains. The urge to think is on both sides, for & against.

I know, what i am goin…


Just Like That
We are obsessed or have become so engaged to do something that we cant sit, without doing anything, just like that.

And this habit which we all have (am i generalizing - perhaps, yes) developed that we cant sit just like that, is becoming addictive at first step, Is this habit bad or good???? I believe it doesn't matters.

But what is overpowering us as a person is the `Desire` or the influence of this desire under which we work or function (function is the most apt word instead of work), we are not able to come out of this desire or influence and are being burdened by this fallacy of achievement.

Perhaps, this is the only reason, we are attached to & are always thinking about THE Desires which we plan to achieve, thus leading or increasing the burden which we carry over our mind all the time.

I wish i could work for something, some passion, some hobby or someone JUST LIKE THAT, without any desires. That freedom would be so divine............ooops i am attaching m…

Buddha In A Traffic Jam

Buddha in a Traffic Jam

Some movies are worth watching, not because they are acted, enacted and reacted upon. Instead such movies like Buddha in a Traffic Jam must be watched because of a well written script, well executed direction and well demonstrated screenplay, knitted in a well woven plot.
This is a movie about India & Bharat, which every socio political or pseudo intellectual can watch to understand the nexus of NGOs, The movie from Prologue till its epilogue changes a lot many colors keeping the entertainment quotient alive while keeping the actual question on top.A lot many questions come into being when you watch this movie. If the person is an active or dormant debate maker or debate shaker of Indian politics, one must watch this movie. And worth mentioning is, at the end there is a beautifully sung song by Pallavi Joshi "Chand Roz"
A little tribute from my side to the movie
दल्लों का ज़माना है, दल्लों की बारात है  क्यों जज़्ब कर के बैठे हैं  यहाँ तो दिन में काल…

Ud-Chuka Punjab

Ud Chuka Punjab  (#SupportUdtaPunjab)

03-June-2016: Amidst the rumors that Udta Punjab movie might be banned in Punjab or it has to have a lot many screening cuts before it is actually released in punjab. These rumors actually seem to be true. If google aunty is to be believed the movie has been asked to have as many as 40 cuts before releasing in Punjab.

Elections are almost on cards and our beloved addict Mr.Cloud is certainly not interested in having any controversy attached to him. I am of a belief that the time has come when his party is going to flood the market and marketing agencies with loads of money and try to rebuild the marketing campaign  to Re-Fame Punjab, as Punjab has already been rightly de-famed by media houses.

You  might get to hear a lot of campaigns with different media houses saying Punjab is being defamed deliberately. And lot many Punjabi celebrities might be pitched in to say that Punjab has no drug abuse problem & is a prosperous state. If these campaign…

Journalist`s Colleague

Tuesday: 10th May,2016: Some people across facebook are sharing the pic displaying NDTV journos having KASHMIRI wazwan at there KASHMIRI colleague`s KASHMIRI wedding ceremony in KASHMIR.
Now there is nothing amazing or amusing in this pic. I couldnt see or find anything interesting here except that barkha dutt needs to take care of her calorie Intake. Rest there is nothing much to be noticed in this pic.
But suddenly when i saw the tagged headline on this shared post, i was impressed by the work of some cyber-political goons who portray to be the think tank and the only side NATIONALIST, left in this country (they themself think so), thankfully i disagree with them. Not that i am intelligent, i disagree with them, its just that i try to possess some common sense in me.

Some strange one-dimensional self proclaimed nationalists need to think and introspect if the post shared is actually worth sharing. These journalists are invited to a marriage party and having yummy wazwan. Lets allow …

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Waaaaooooooooo (Wow!) That is what you are going to say, when you watch this movie. A household friendly childhood name from 90s "Mowgli" played by the talented 12 years old Neel Sethi in a fabulous performance.

If you are an indian who loves to watch bollywood, you must see this movie in Hindi to feel the charisma and power of dubbing by one of the most talented actors, Om Puri as Bagheera, Nana Patekar as Sher Khan, priyanka chopra as Kaa and above all Irrfan khan will bring life to Baloo`s Punjabi character on screen alongwith many others to complement.

The movie has it all, the touchy and emotional moments from Wolf mother with human cub, to chulbuli friendship between Mowgli and Baloo with caring Bagheera on one side, till Roaring Sher Khan coming out to scare everyone. It has everything one entertainer must possess. A good portrayal of storytelling by the director Jon Favreau.

The only thing which i missed as an indian viewer, was the Gulzar saab song "Chaddi pah…
Zirakpur: 11Jan,2016:- VIP Road, which is considered the heart of zirakpur has no traffic management system which leads to daily accidents. A brutal accident which has thrown a man in a serious condition happened on VIP Road on 11th Jan 2016  at around 10 PM outside Maya Garden and whispering willows. 
THe accident  had left Mr.Gursimran Singh un-concious in a pool of blood. A few residents of nearby societies who gathered made a few calls for Ambulance and PCR. But to no one`s surprise, PCR didnt turn up as usual. No Ambulance came for help. After all the doors found closed and with a Man bleeding badly on the road side, someone suggested to call an Ambulance which is being managed VIP Road Welfare Federation charitably. And thanks to them that the man was carried to the nearby hospital. 
Now this accident has raised a very very big question on the readiness of towns like zirakpur, where no Police Support is available. Police instead is proving a big…

Guru Nanak On Babar`s Invasion and Hindustan

Guru Nanak Saab has mentioned about the atrocities of Babar on hindustan.

That being the case, what do these eminent historians have to say about Guru Nanak, and his searing cry, "Khurasan khasmana kiya Hindustanu daraiya
Aapae dosu na deyi karta jamu kari mughlu chadhaiya
Aiti maar payi karlande tain ko dardu na ayiya
Karta tu sabhna ka soi
Je sakta sakte kayu mare taa mani rosu na hoyi
Sakta sihu maare paye vagaye khasme sa pursai
Ratan vigadi vigoye kuttin muiya saar na koyi..."
"Coming from khurasan (place northeast to persia), You have engulfed Hindustan in dread....
Such cruelties have they inflicted, and yet Your mercy remains unmoved....
Should the strong attack the strong the heart does not burn. But when the
strong crush the helpless, surely the One who was to protect them has to be
called to account.... O' Lord, these dogs have destroyed this diamond-like
Hindustan, (so great is their terror that) no one asks after those who have
been killed, and yet You do not…


I have a request to make to everyone, this diwali dont bargain with fruitwala`s, sabjiwala`s, diya wala`s and other vendors who work on small profits, RELATIVELY. I am not writing this, because i have a feeling of being well off in any sense. Actually, i DO compensate myself for this extra money which i give into this smal market. This money or compensation for me, comes from the money which i DIDNT donate to any religious institution.


Let Lakshmi follow, not just your wallet but others as well.
WIsh you all a Very very happy DIWALI #WithoutBargain