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New UnClear Nuclear

New UnClear Nuclear

From joint families to nuclear families, changing cultures with changing colors.
The futuristic cliche is now being widely used. We say "Its my life, i can do whatever i want, i am not hurting anyone".

There is a very thin line which is becoming even thinner, between being selfish and nuclear.
There were times when families used to be joint. And then the transition from joint to nuclear family.
And now another pseudo development coming up, from nuclear family we are moving to nuclear self.

We have raised our egos so high, that we are unable to live in a social web. From Man being  a social animal, transition is happening to again being an animal.

I heard that the word father was invented for a certain reason. And that reason was to civilize and socialize the society. Being Nuclear and beating the social norms to find happiness is just a MYTH, a bubble. There is nothing as eternal happiness anywhere. But to bear the psychosis the social system developed yea…

Competing Wo-Men?????

Competing Wo-men

Women- An interesting topic for every man.You can smell the male prejudice and chauvinism here. Ain`t it?
 If you don`t, there is something, "certainly" wrong with you?

Men- All men are dogs. Male bashing, wow, interesting. Ain`t it? PJS (Preoccupied judgemental syndrome).

A race which had been going on since centuries, and recently has turned excitingly exciting. Men sometimes,(ohh, let me correct- most of the times) refer to those cliches' and possess that stereotypical image of a woman. On the other side, what other side?. women take us the same way, the same age old stereotypical-ism prevailing about us, THE men.

Sometimes i wonder, from where did we got this amazing organizational ideology of women liberation. This must be an invention by a MAN for sure.
I think the man who started this must have had convinced the women that they are not liberated. So, a wonderful race began where women wanted themselves to be equated in the virtual world created by t…