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PK (Paise Kamao)

PK - TK (theek NAHI hai)

To The Director
A movie criticizing religions, majorly Hindu dieties, and the role being portrayed by a Muslim Actor married to a Hindu Lady. And yet you call these people Religously intolerant.
I/We must congratulate our Hindu Brothers/sisters for being open minded and tolerant to any such kind of criticism. This is the only reason, that this amazing religion has survived so long, rather the longest. There had been other so called multi-theistic religions which outdated and vanished alongwith time and christianity and islam became superior to all. Yet hinduism survived all the conversions, invasions and cruelties. The only reason for this survival must have been ACCEPTIVITY and RECEPTIVITY of the hindus.
Whatever, was displayed in the movie showed a poor depiction and criticized the entire religion and not just a faction(which should have been the case) which is using the very same religion for there own benefits.Even if the entire world was following the …



Sexual Predators, Talibanism, Molesters...... A full fledged adjective-isation in the news and across the social media was observed for the boys who were thrashed with a leather belt plugged with a chrome buckle in an occupied bus, by two girls who were titled and tagged as #Rohtakbravehearts.

The two sisters were being announced for bravery award at republic day, awards by hindu Mahasabha and so many.

They certainly are brave as they made mockery of entire system with just a video and raised questions and eyebrows of everyone including media, govt & public.

This super media trial has left a big question mark on every responsible media frenzy TRP hunters.
And govt`s obssession with media coverage. This has clearly shown that reality of such awards is so fragile and away from reality. If such normal jerky girls could use the soft corner for women, as there undue advantage, just imagine what would be happening in many other cases, which are highlighted by med…