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A big question mark comes to surface, when godmen like Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda are being convicted. The huge following of such godmen which is primarily and majorly from bottom of pyramid, lower caste or the people whom the Godmen has helped in one way or the other.

Have we ever wondered, what is the reason of this, Probably, loopholes of existing religious, traditional & ritualistic systems are an opportunity for these babas. They come and encash these loopholes, which exist in the form of divisive religious traditions which had been part of our rituals and social system.

Its 2017, and still there are lot of villages where a Scheduled Caste person cant drink water from an Upper Caste Kshatriyas/Brahmins house. We are so badly entangled and netted in the traditional and obsolete system, that we don't even open our eyes to realize the demarcation of being wrong or right.

When a group of people or a caste is snubbed because of there social…


HIGH COURT POINTERS ON GURMEET RAM RAHIM ( DERA SACHA SAUDA) Recently an advocate filed a petition with High Court.with CWP no. 19086 in year 2017.  THis was filed on 24th with a view to direct the functionaries for making apt arrangements . "....directing the respondents to make adequate security specially in District Panchkula and surrounding areas where the Court of Learned Addl. District Judge for CBI is to pronounce judgment in a criminal trial on 25.8.2017."
After this when the mayhem spread and petition was continued on 26th Aug, Below are some iconic directions given by the high court when Govt. Failed ( or they posed that they failed).
A few of the excerpt from the judgement are given below:-

 Apart from all the directions, High court has shared some stern statements on the Governance happening in Haryana. Which clearly shows a failure of administration by Govt.
A respect has got generated for judiciary.

DISCLAIMER :- The excerpts have been taken as per requirement…

Beti Bachao ..... kis se??

बेटी  बचाओ - कुछ सवाल 

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 
२ बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी 

कुछ question जो कि मेरे mind में बहुत दिन से चल रहे थे। चलो इनका सवालों का कारण ढूँढ़ते हैं

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 

ये सवाल पैदा हुआ इस बेचैनी से कि बेटी सुरक्षित नहीं है, चाहे वो बढ़ी हो या छोटी, पर क्यों?

मेरे ख्याल से हमारा system ख़राब था, शायद इसलिए - अगर हम ठीक होना  चाहते हैं तो
हमें अपनी hypocrisy छोड़नी होगी।  एक तरफ लड़कियों की पूजा की  जाती है देवी के रूप में, उसके बाद उसी देवी से पुत्र प्राप्ति का आशीर्वाद माँगा जाता है।

यही पूजनीय देवी जब अपने menses में आती है , उन 4 -5  दिनों के लिए मंदिर में आने की permission नहीं होती। ये कुछ अटपटी बातें हैं , जिनमें सुधार की आवश्यकता है।
ऐसे मंदिर, मस्जिद व् अन्य सभी धार्मिक स्थलों का पूर्ण बहिष्कार होना चाहिए ,जो समाज में असमानता फैलाते हैं।

जब बेटी पैदा होगी तो लोग hidden सांत्वना देंगे, उस बेटी को किसी देवी का रूप कह कर।
बेटियों को इन लोगों और धर्म का चोला ओढ़ने वाले कप्टी ठेकेदारों से बचाओ।

2. बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी