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Smriti Irani Offered Multiple Ph.Ds by UPTU, ends degree row

Smriti Irani Offered Multiple Ph.Ds by UPTU, ends degree row

New Delhi/Kanpur: Today, Amidst the vocal protests of the opposition and on road effigy burning came to a halt and the opposition was sent to Hibernative silence, when UPTU offered Ph.D in Maths-1, Satellite and political science to HRD Minister Smriti Irani. When our correspondent Jholu Ram contacted HRD ministry, it was stated that today and tomorrow are declared to be the offical holidays to celebrate the most educated minister`s convocation ceremony. Many officials were found distributing Ladoos after the news broke out.
When the Vice Chancellor was contacted, he briefed our correspondent that UPTU is aiming to be the best Technically Updravi university, and students will get motivated after Smriti Ji becomes there alumni. And even the fake degrees of UPTU will hold a firm ground globally from today onwards. And he was found saying that "we have offered multiple Ph.D degrees to Smriti Ji, keeping under consideration…

Delhi Mumbai AIR to be exported to USA

New Delhi: Our correspondent, Prakritik Aapda cracked a very confidential story in which it was found that a Few fraudulent travel agents (Authorised by Govt.) are going to export our own very powerful Air of Delhi and Mumbai to US. Due to the great constituents available in the Air of Delhi NCR, this Air will be used to make pesticides. Our commercially sale-able correspondent, Mr.Bikaoo, added to this by stating, that this Air export will help the US based companies by lowering down there costs remarkably, by using the Air of Delhi. As no chemicals will have to be purchased or developed by the companies. And this industry is really eyeing the Delhi Air. When the correspondent Prakritik Aapda contacted the environment ministry of Delhi, they told us that the Central Govt. is playing this plot and trying to export the Air of Delhi to US under Make In India plan, and this is a big scam, under which Govt. of India is cheating the ppl of Delhi. It is due to the honesty (patent of Delhi G…

Baba Ramadeva to launch Ayurvedic maggie

Patananjali Baba Ramadeva to launch AYURVEDIC Maggie

After the fake news of Nation wide suspected Ban on Maggie, Patananjali Yog has announced to launch an ayurvedic variant of Maggie like noodles. These noodles will be known as "Seedhi sev".

Also, this product will be launched by the brand ambassador, most loved messenger MSG himself, Ramadeva himself told our correspondent, prakritik Aapda, that our Seedhi Sev, contrary to Maggi will not have any MSG content, but it will have Aashirwaad of MSG (messenger of God himself).

This maggie...err... i mean seedhi Sev, will help in reducing the Rapes across the nation#. Our famous Khap Panchayat of Dagru samaj welcomes the launch of this product and has asked there saamaajik ku-karyakartas to buy loads of this seedhi sev.

The Brand Ambassador MSG said, he is composing a new song Seedhe Sev, Seedhe Kaam, bolo ram bolo ram for the upcoming noodles. And this noodles will surely replace the previously trending Maggie.. 50 Million followe…

After Maggiee, TOILET Paper to be banned in INDIA.

After  Maggiee, TOILET Paper to be banned in INDIA.

Nayi Dilli, Lucknow, After the Ban on Maggie. It is being suspected that planning to Ban Toilet Paper in India. Digging deep, very deep into the research and the story, our correspondent Noodle Kumari contacted a few supporting the Ban.

RSS (Rashtriya Rifle Sena) has welcome the Ban on toilet paper, calling it to be a conspiracy by the westerners against Indians. They said that "Gore (foreigners) want to introduce this invention of western culture by degrading indian culture by undermining the under-developed minds, un-realistically in the underground areas undisputably" (Bloody Hell! what is the meaning of that - even there spokesperson forgot the jumlas after he uttered then).

Amidst all these, our very own and beloved Khap panchayat of Dagru samaj which earlier said that chow mein is a major reason of rape, created another analogy stating that, due to the use of Toilet Papers, Rapes are increasing in India. And i…