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Give up your LPG Subsidy

#GiveItUp LPG Subsidy 

#GiveItUp the twitter handle to give up your LPG subsidy has a lot of thinking responses filled with links, articles and responses of some high thinkers stating it debatable to give up subsidy.

Actually, all these ppl who are against giving up LPG subsidy are also not wrong in there own way. As they want the subsidies being given away, actually AWAY, to the MLAs, MPs especially in there canteen  needs to be Stopped right away and than these people will  also opt for giving away there subsidy. A similar article given below for reference:-

On the contrary to this reasoning & belief there are many, and i mean MANY, who have given away there LPG subsidy already. As per the recent news, it is said that almost 30 million people have given away there LPG subsidy, with many more are believed to follow the same.  And our country has already saved around…

THREAT to the Nation - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ???

India: Strange than Strangest, I somehow feel cheated today. When i see so much controversies related to my history books coming out in open. I was always told that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a freedom fighter (never mentioned him as politican), On the other hand Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also mentioned to be a Freedom Fighter. So, both the leaders were always mentioned in good books and we always took both of them in the same spirit.

I will not refer to the 12744 declassified files here nor the political motives of Trinamool congress or Mamata Deedi. But i would certainly refer to one letter which i could lay my hands on:-

If you refer to this file there are 3 important things to be noted, which i have highlighted in yellow.
1st is the word SECRET,2nd is the Address written at the end, 3rd is the Section 26(1) of IPO Act,1898.
Now, as per the Section 26 (1) of Indian post office Act,1898  Source: (

Open letter to Maneka Gandhi - on Violence by Men

An open letter to Maneka Gandhi Ji


Ms.Maneka Gandhi
The Union Cabinet Minister
Women & Child Development (WCD)

Dear Respectable Ma`am

I came across a statement made by you recently, which inferred, referred and even clearly conveyed one thing, that WE, men are the violence creators. As per the statement made you

"the role of men in gender sensitization was the most critical since "all the violence is male-generated. We have introduced (the concept of) 'Gender Champions' in schools, under which boys who have been respectful and helpful to girls will be rewarded".


Probably you will convince the girls and kids that, All men are dogs.

Keeping in view your superb, brilliant, and intellectual statement, i would request you pls reconsider what you said. I am trying to give you some stats (as these no.`s speak up more these days than a human can). Hopeful…

God is NOT A vegetarian

God is NOT A vegetarian

I am writing this, because i want to convey something to my fellow homo-sapiens who survive on a Vegetarian diet. Dear Vege guys, i had felt something from the posts, news, articles etc. being published by your fellow vegans and veges , you guys have acquired a feeling somehow, that you are superior than the ppl feeding on a non-veg diet, And Veges always try to portray that eating non-veg is non-religious whereas veg is religious. A similar display happened during the Meat Ban in Mumbai on the oocasion of Paryushan (jai Festival). Slaughter house are kept closed during paryushan and a ban on meat is imposed for a few days. Than you follow an incident of Dadri justifying #BeefBan

I think i would like to re-iterate again and again, that you people need to stop feeding your EGOS and stop keeping yourself on a higher podium than your non-veg counterparts. More than Half of the world is eating, non-veg and i would accept that, This stat of more than, half doesn`t ma…

Chandigarh Roundabouts taken over by BJP

Below mentioned news piece was published by Tribune after the BJP took over the beautiful roundabouts of the City Beautiful and filled them with BJP Flags. Also, NO Permission was taken as per the news piece. And NO Penalty on BJP for doing this.

Tribune News Service Chandigarh, September 10 Not caring two hoots for the law, the BJP has put up party flags on the route to be taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy during his visit to the city tomorrow without seeking permission from the Municipal Corporation.
The flags have also been put up at the rally ground in Sector 25 where the Prime Minister is scheduled to address a political rally.
BJP Leader of the Opposition in the MC Arun Sood said he was not aware whether or not permission had been sought to put up the party flags. “The flags have been installed to welcome the Prime Miniseter, who is from the BJP. In case permission has not been sought, we will pay the advertisement fee to the MC,” he said.
Virender Chaudhary, Joint Commi…



Chandigarh:- Modi Ji is going to visit chandigarh on 11-Sep, And i could see a lot of movement happening in Govt. Machinery. I could observe an aircraft hovering on our heads since last few days for security.Clean roads being cleaned again, and roads with potholes being repaired. WoW! am happy to see so much work happening at such a great pace on one side. But on the other side am feeling so small in my own existence. As if we normal, common men are no body to this disabled system.
I am a strange kind of a person, i should be happy to see things happening for good, But i am strange, because i am feeling so small about my existence in this system. I am praying to god, that i should not fall sick tomorrow, as the normal route and roads will not be available for any Ambulance. As the roads and routes are blocked for the PM. I wonder, isnt it the same feeling, our ancestors might have been getting during Mughals or other Kings rule. Why are we having such a colonial…

Sherlock Holmes Commits Suicide - Indrani Case

Nayi Dilli:- Sherlock Holmes dies in next series. It came in as a surprise that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s creation, Sherlock Holmes, commits suicide in sherlock`s next movie.
Actually, Sherlock was given a case from India to solve. And when Sherlock landed in india, he came to know that the case is about Indrani Mukerjea.
And due to Sherlock`s overconfidence he accepted the case, but 15 days into the case, Sherlock got so confused that he couldnt figure out the actual family tree of Indrani and thus due to this defeat, sherlock, just couldnt take it and finally he jumped off the building. Actually, while figuring out the family tree of Indrani, Sherlock found that the Gladstone (Sherlock`s experimented dog) might come out to be her inter-species boyfriend. Due to Indrani`s kutte kaam, gladstone, got to know Indrani. And due to utter confusion, Sherlock gave away his life, may be now, Byomkesh Bakshi would be consulted for the case, if he is not another husband of Indrani.

Govt. to add ONION consumption column in ITR sheet

New Delhi:- Indian Cabinet ministers lead by hon.Finance ministers of present regime and past regime have joined there hands for the first time and staged the Bill to Approve a change in the ITR which will have a column stating the Kilograms of Onions consumed in last 1 year.

As our govt. has been unable to stop any rationing on onion over the last decade, they have finally decided to link the useful (first time useful) Aadhaar cards with the Onion sale and purchase.
Govt. stated that they are positive and affirmative that the black marketing of Onion could be hindered and also, Prime Minister promised, that he will try and bring back the black marketed Onions in the next 100 days which will bring the price of Onions again to consumable levels.

And to this, International politicians like Mr.Barack Obama said that US can propose 100% FDI in the upcoming and booming industry of Onions in the coming Financial year 2016-2017 and thus welcome the move of relating and equating the ITR with O…