Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, Beti ke sawaal se samajh jao


Beti Padhao, Beti Saksham banao 
A very good campaign of Beti Bachao & Beti Padao is going on. But the new generation is now raising some new questions about our surroundings. one such question was raised by my daughter, which tries to pierces into the hypocrisy. In fact, this raises a big question for everyone.

She asked me, Papa just like Beti Bachao Beti Padao, is for girls, " Boys ke liye kya hota hai ( what campaign do we have for boys) ?". Now, this small question has a lot of hidden questions in itself. I was a little held back, or may be, a little clue-less. As what should i say to my 5 year old kid.

But, i couldnt lie to her, i told her, what ever i thought is appropriate keeping in view what she could easily understand. But it was highly difficult for me not to rupture her safe zone & not to let her come out of her kids Zone & enter into a boy or girl zone. If she starts relating that she is a girl first and a kid later, that would be highly dangerous for her own development.

But the question asked by her, raises a lot of questions inside me. Like the one

1). Beti Bachao :- From whom do we need to save the Beti, The parents who kill them in womb or the People who throw acid on them or the devils who rape them. Is it right, to say that we need to save the Beti. Why cant we make the beti capable of keeping herself safe. Why aren't we Sufficient or Capable as a system to punish anyone who poses a threat to our betis or betas. Why do we need to save our beti from devils. Why is system so incapable that it can not provide SAFE system for beti. Betis shouldn't be needing anyone to patronize them. I strongly feel

"बेटी तभी बच पायेगी जब हम माँ बाप उसे बचने के लिए सक्षम बना पाएंगे, और उसे बचने के लिए किसी की मदद की ज़रूरत नहीं "

Lets promise each other, that we will allow or make our daughters capable enough, so that they dont need any one like me to help them to be safe.

Disclaimer:- This is not to be related to any campaign. The article is written to provoke some introspection into our selves & not into govt. systems.

P.S:- Pls Read, comment & Share if you like. This is written as a 2nd part to the below article


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