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Just Like That
We are obsessed or have become so engaged to do something that we cant sit, without doing anything, just like that.

And this habit which we all have (am i generalizing - perhaps, yes) developed that we cant sit just like that, is becoming addictive at first step, Is this habit bad or good???? I believe it doesn't matters.

But what is overpowering us as a person is the `Desire` or the influence of this desire under which we work or function (function is the most apt word instead of work), we are not able to come out of this desire or influence and are being burdened by this fallacy of achievement.

Perhaps, this is the only reason, we are attached to & are always thinking about THE Desires which we plan to achieve, thus leading or increasing the burden which we carry over our mind all the time.

I wish i could work for something, some passion, some hobby or someone JUST LIKE THAT, without any desires. That freedom would be so divine............ooops i am attaching m…