A big question mark comes to surface, when godmen like Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda are being convicted. The huge following of such godmen which is primarily and majorly from bottom of pyramid, lower caste or the people whom the Godmen has helped in one way or the other.

Have we ever wondered, what is the reason of this, Probably, loopholes of existing religious, traditional & ritualistic systems are an opportunity for these babas. They come and encash these loopholes, which exist in the form of divisive religious traditions which had been part of our rituals and social system.

Its 2017, and still there are lot of villages where a Scheduled Caste person cant drink water from an Upper Caste Kshatriyas/Brahmins house. We are so badly entangled and netted in the traditional and obsolete system, that we don't even open our eyes to realize the demarcation of being wrong or right.

When a group of people or a caste is snubbed because of there social status or caste status, which they dont have any control ON. But still they are being demeaned. Such people become vulnerable and susceptible to the shrewd Babas.Such people get a support system in the form of Babas which provide them an identity and a big group of similar people, further providing them a SENSE of security and removing there pseudo inferiority complex from there minds.

Since Past,when Shri Ram ate the ber of shabri till now in 21st century, although, many new religions came into being. Be it Langar system of Sikhs or Buddhists, these revolutionary ideas are again being overshadowed internally by some upper caste people. All these are the reasons that B.R Ambedkar never got comfortable with Indian caste system.

One most important thing to mention is that the Babas are never seen to undermine there disciples present traditions or rituals.Babas come under the garb of being totaly secular in nature and anyone from any religion, class or culture may come and follow the discipline of the dera without having to leave there own community or culture.

Alongwith this, 1 major discipline which the deras ask the disciples to follow is abstaining from alcohol or drugs. This is a very big influence of positivity which lures every common woman and there household.

We must pledge to remove this from our system. Reservations are not going to uplift the scheduled castes for sure. We have to remove this word from our dictionaries to remove the vulnerabilities of innocent tribes.

DISCLAIMER :- THe views expressed are totally personal and based on my own assumptions.These are not intended to hurt anyone.


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