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Journalist`s Colleague

Tuesday: 10th May,2016: Some people across facebook are sharing the pic displaying NDTV journos having KASHMIRI wazwan at there KASHMIRI colleague`s KASHMIRI wedding ceremony in KASHMIR.
Now there is nothing amazing or amusing in this pic. I couldnt see or find anything interesting here except that barkha dutt needs to take care of her calorie Intake. Rest there is nothing much to be noticed in this pic.
But suddenly when i saw the tagged headline on this shared post, i was impressed by the work of some cyber-political goons who portray to be the think tank and the only side NATIONALIST, left in this country (they themself think so), thankfully i disagree with them. Not that i am intelligent, i disagree with them, its just that i try to possess some common sense in me.

Some strange one-dimensional self proclaimed nationalists need to think and introspect if the post shared is actually worth sharing. These journalists are invited to a marriage party and having yummy wazwan. Lets allow …