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OBAMA offered the post of Delhi CM by BJP

5 SAAL Obama de NAAL
It was being speculated before a few days, who will be the CM candidate for Delhi from BJP.
And the people, who thought Obama was coming for Republic Day parade, No guys!, you got him all wrong. He was convinced by Mr.Amit Shah to become there face for Delhi CM.
Republic Day was just an excuse, Obama Ji is being called for Delhi elections. And in joining speech he is to mention that, he would love to work under the Dynamic or may be super dynamic leadership of Mr.Modi.
But all of a sudden parachute candidate Kiran Bedi has been announced, Why? 
Than i read all the related reports, actually Obama ji is allergic to air, the people of delhi breathe. So he has been advised to stay indoors most of the time, with specially designed air purifiers. May be that is the reason that Obama has been prescribed by the doctors not to stay in dehi for much of the time.
But Obama Ji must convince the doctors, that CMs normally stay indoors only, so he can easily take up the job. And…