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Forget it - Justice delayed, Justice denied.

Forget it - Justice delayed, Justice denied.
Ahh! it was a tiring day at office, I came back home, switched on the T.v and there was an anchor having his panel discussing 1984 again.
                    Its 2014 now and I dont understand why these anchors and news channels make money out of such issues and dont let the issues die, for which nothing can be done. They showed a lady who lost her 10 family members in a single day of riots.
They have even rejected the word riots and are pressing the issue, to use the word Genocide for it, i dont understand what will happen by changing the words.

I was 2 years when these riots, or genocide, as they would call it, happened. And today i am 32 years, but the issue is still alive,or must i say it happens near every election. A committee is demanded, followed by another investigation committee.
According to me, as i thought at that particular time, this must be forgotten. As it is becoming just a gimmick. We should move on.