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WATERMARK - 24 students die in Himachal, Larji Hydel project.

There was a tragedy, which occured recently, when 24 students/tourists drowned or were taken away by the river Beas after the gate of the dam was opened without any initial warning, as it is said.And to everyone's surprise a video shot by someone came forward showing these students getting taken away by the river flowing at an enormous speed. Its sad to see so many people getting killed. At one minute they must be happy and enjoying. But suddenly, within a minute there happiness, there smiles, jovialness became the last emotions of there life before the fear and water struck them.

While seeing this video, i was shocked to observe one thing that this video had a big watermark saying Amar ujala exclusive. The race among the channels has gone to such a cruel limit that these media houses dont even see the extent to which they are heading. I totally understand the reason of driving business and selling the videos and news to other news houses. But, the watermark above all the student…