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Why are we all seducing our ownself, for the sake of happiness. Happiness is real, only when shared. Isnt that true?
Cities have grown bigger and hearts have become smaller for adjustments and compromises, the essential keys, to the civilization.
In the race of finding things/treasures which make us materially valuable, we are losing the very own reason of existing together.

Actually, we like things to be complex. May be, to satisfy our own ego and let our ownself know that we are going to solve the complexities one day. We love only and only our urges and are seduced by them in an unsolvable-ly complexed way.
The very own reason of seducing oneself and luring oneself from one platform to another is just like working in a tessaractial illusion.
Just dont know where it starts or for a reason ends.

We developed a society on the basis of parents, family, community and togetherness.But in the garb of our own urges we just became there slaves and submissive to them. This…