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O My God! Its Friday, 05:20 PM and i am in office.  No No don't get me wrong, its not about Friday night party.
Instead, its something more substantial and concerned with comfort.
Actually, i need to catch a metro by 1715 else i will be in deep trouble.Almost all the offices call it a day at 1730. And if i by mistake co-incide with the same time. I wont even get the place to stand in a metro TRAIN. Yes i am serious and talking about a TRAIN. But believe me, i am in a city where it does makes sense. I am in Delhi or New Delhi, as they may call it. But to my horror i am already late.

Finally i manage to cover 2 km to reach metro station in around 27 minutes because of the craziest traffic in the world. I may take the liberty to say that it is not a straight road of 2kms, rather, it is a straight Round about of 2 kms.where anyone can come from any side. Traffic rules!!!...they are just a myth here.

At 1757, i press my feet on metro station and regular comm…

GOD and effort


I have tried a lot to meet THE God. And i have failed like many others do.
But i think, the only reason i could not meet him is that I WANTED to meet him.
And this desire of WANTING to meet him was taking a shape of the EFFORT.
And i think an effort can never help you meet him.
Efforts can only help to attain certain goals and goals are never bigger than your own efforts.The more you give your self into the efforts the more bigger the goal becomes.

Suddenly, i realized that to attain him, to feel him, I need to eliminate my efforts and become effortless. Away from all the thoughts and away from the sanity and insanity. I should be submissive to his will. I am his own part, and i can not have a will to love him or not.
Only his love will PULL me into itself and will help me be him.That will be the final and the only meeting.



Just imagine an era when a kid asked his dad "Dad when is your wedding anniversary?" Dad must be replying. "Anniversary! Now what is that?". That must be an era when there was nothing known as time or may be counting the time, days or nights. How it must have had started first counting the days than calling them a week, month, year and so on. Than it must have been difficult for the inventors to invent the hours, minutes, seconds than further to microseconds, picoseconds and femto-seconds. OMG. When will this be stopped.
Actually we invented something what we call competition. If not with anyone else than must be with our ownself. Racing, and racing hard.
We want to make it before the time. BEFORE THE TIME. Do we really know the amount of hours or seconds we have in our life. I dont think anyone knows that. So, technically speaking the parameter or the reference we had drawn is itself fake, Ain`t it?. The biggest source of dissatisfaction. Every per…