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I used to be a kid a long ago, why am i re-iterating it, anyways.
I mean when i was small, i studied in a NCERT books. And all the books before anything else, had a familiar face, of M.K.Gandhi with his Talisman on it.
Gandhiji`s Talisman.

And no teacher ever, ever, ever read that page or even tried to explain it to us, and thanks to them for that. Otherwise i would have never read it out of curiosity and my keen ness to know the meaning of it, would have died.

When i reached my 9th or 10th Standard, i thought why is this uncle Ji`s photo imprinted everywhere with something written down under. Finally i tried to read that, and more importantly and un-successfuly i tried to understand that as well. It was Gandhi Ji`s Talisman. It was the year 1997-1998. But i still remember it by my heart, and i am still not able to work as per it, even though i want to, wish to, but i dont.And i am still wondering to actualize the meaning of it.
Now that is a leader for me, who c…


Roti jehra khwaanda c, O roti layi mohtaaj hoya, Deevey jehra jagaunda c, O laashan da gunehgaar hoya, Hek naal jehra gaunda c, Ajj nasheyan vich o gaar hoya,
Osey Punjab nu lorh hai ajj Bhagtaan peer jawaanaa di Na k taaqat de ghamsaanaa di, Hakk di larhaayi vich sir chukk Larhan wale balidaana di Je ajj so gaye ta suttee reh ju Bheerh vadu shamshaanaa di
Uthh khaloiye, Hath vich farhiye, Dor ehnaa kamaanaa di Ajj dor ehna kamanaa di.