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What is right
and what is wrong
Who are we to beat the gong,
we are beaten by some misconceptions
we have created our own perceptions.

Sometimes here and sometimes there
still the starvations remain in here,
waiting to see and waiting to meet
dont know who is it,                                                            but still the wait of thee.

                                                         what will perpetuate
                                                           is yet to be known
                                                        philosophical banters
                                                      are there to be thrown
                                                     still the one is unknown.


I was surfing , where the most world`s population is found surfing these days, on internet.And specifically on youtube. Accidently i landed on a link of Dr.Zakir Naik which said "Woman Challenging zakir naik on Polygamy". Basically, Dr.Zair Naik is a speaker with loads of knowledge on comparative study (all religions  in a comparison manner). So, this speaker is shot with a question on polygamy in islam.

I thought i would learn something out of this, or may be a new thought or a new dimension would be opened.And as usual, Dr.Naik starts throwing hell lot of facts on polygamy talking about the traditions in Christianity,Hinduism,Judaism and others.
The facts given by him are as:-