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The man in saffron attire.
Rajdeep sardesai was attacked at madison square, that is the news and video going viral since morning.And some articles are making people read, that a man in saffron attire attacked rajdeep. Shame on people who want to sensationalize and polarize such an issue of countrymen fighting in an alien country.

I don't know what is the issue, or who is right or wrong. Its not just about that for me. Indians fighting with each other over something in a Nation which is far off, welcoming our Prime Minister.
How cool is that? We had to show them, THE Americans, that our nation is not just another third world country as they perceive about us, instead it is a nation which is secular and going to be self super sufficient. We could have flashed our ISRO`s mangalyaan. But no we are obsessed with people and not ideas.

I wonder why do we people turn into sycophants, at times, majority of times. You want to follow someone, follow him, but dont impose him or her on others.…



Religious conversions, I find these two words totally opposite to each other. Antonmys, how can these words co-exist. And that also with there arms wrapped around each other. A very basic fact about religions is that the God is one and we all are his creations and we need to believe in it.

Every now and than we are seeing ppl from different religions, if not religions, than communities, fighting with each other. claiming to be holier than thou.And a similar race is going on related to publishing the numbers.Now we have created a huge database, telling us, or may i say, dictating us with the number of people or the population in each religion. And also, every year such a data for conversion is also published.

Isnt this conversion contradictory to the very fact that God is one. There is a race going on among the growing (Growing-the most superflous term in the context of religion) religions related to the number of conversions being done every yea…


P.M, a big name, biggest designation. It seems totally un-reachable, unapproachable.
People who become PM seem to be un-aware about literal challenges in villages and belong to certain royalty.

A chai wala, a teacher, a chief minister and now The Prime Minister, but since Modi has become the prime minister. He is a person who doesnt seems to be un-approachable. He is not like other PMs, selected by people, who address the nation only on Independence Day. By addressing the nation on Teachers Day, PM has declared a new kind of Digitally Social Politics of this nation.

I saw students asking PM, a few questions, related to Girls Education, Employment, Energy Conservation and Digitization of this nation. But the best part was the PM addressing these questions as a good teacher by taking very casual and grounded examples. And certainly this was extempore.And the best part of the examples was that the examples given were very much connected to daily life and were related to real…