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Sweet christmas

Day was 24th December 1986, What mom! that is so cheap.Stop doing that.
Ohh, sorry son, I thought, you might like it.

Same day , year 2016,  Its a beautiful christmas eve, and we are planning to spend it with family and today is the last day of year in office. Wow! they have called santa claus, i mean a person enacting as a santa claus. He is distributing sweets to everyone.
Everyone is rushing towards him and he is going to everyone`s place and greeting them, and is being greeted by everyone. Being a Santa he has to give away sweets as that is what we relate santa with, since our childhood. He is having a few chocolates and assorted sweets or toffees as i may call it.
And i being lucky one, got a small chocolate. It is such a jovial and happy atmosphere created by the Santa. Everyone is saying thanks to the santa and leaving the office by cheering and wishing each other. Many of us are keeping there chocolates and toffees safe in there pockets. May be like me everyon…



IPC 377......bloody gays. They must be shunted out of the society. They are a blot.
 Ohh! Who is that idiot shouting. That is a father who is not able to digest the  fact that his son is a gay.
I am still wondering why is he so annoyed, so baffled, that he is shouting. A moron, but his son is still not thinking that way. He still wants to convince his father that it is not his fault that he has this orientation. He is like this since his birth. He is another idiot too. I am giving a verdict on this, that makes me an idiot too three four........
But still i will place my opinion, oops, not opinion but verdict. Freedom of speech, LOLZ.

To the father:- Dear unfortunate father, its sad that your son is not living
his life your bloody way. That makes him such a sinner, compartmentalized, selfish individual.Your son, who lived his life scared and in a kind of hideout, created his own bubble world around him.He was scared that his family may n…



wondering, wondering, i am just wondering, how can i write what i want to convey or may be what i feel. Who the hell am i to convey anything to anyone. i just want to share what i feel. And the most interesting thing is that i try to define what i feel. Isnt this similar to someone trying to explain GOD.
You explain him and you diminish(what should be the right word) his very own existence. Something which can be explained or is define-able has to be measurable, than how can it be God. All the religions/communities with common beliefs try to explain or even the spokespersons of these religions actually explain God. Now that is contradictory.
It is good to talk about him, to feel him, to be him. But the spokespersons giving a verdict are weird. Actually i find them weird. May be they are not, but i dont become synchronous with them, As they try to take away my freedom by defining God at first stage and then defining the rules for me to make him manifest out …