WMD - Women for Men`s Destruction

WMC (Willows of Men`s Construction) to WMD (Women for Men`s Destruction)

Dsiclaimer:- If you are a feminist, pls dont read this blog, you will get offended. Also, if you are a sexist, dont read it either, you will not find anything for your amusement.
And most importantly, i am not an Asaram Bapu supporter.

Women are too much into development and into competition these days. Presumably and assuringly visible women who used to be WMC(Willows of Men`s Construction) are getting converted into WMD (Weapons for Men`s Destruction).Women, who use to be stereotyped earlier and being stereotyped at present as well and being used as a Weapon to destroy the Man who is against the powerful.
Women power is being used to use the rape, dowry (498a), etc. a potent weapon to destroy the ENEMIES.See around yourself and you will see many high profile, potentially dangerous men for govt. , are getting dumped into rape cases.

And one prime example is Asaram bapu, even though i am not a supporter but the women was raped 7 years ago by Asaram and Asaram is jailed after 7 years. Now can this offence be proved, cant the woman be a liar,etc. So many logical questions, no one dares to ask just because we are afraid of being called a sexist.

Another Case of Amitabh Thakur, IAS officer comes to light. After he opens the front against the Supremo Mulayam(Soft) Singh, he is turned into a rapist.

Such a case of Gopal Shetye who faced 7 (SEVEN) years in Jail was found innocent and released after 7 bloody long years.
Link given below:-


And so many others, the list will be in-exhaustible.

And to my amusement, the women falsely convicting others of rape are NOT penalized for false allegations. Yes, you heard it right, false allegations by women are NOT penalized by court and fake rape victims are acquitted without a trial. The so called Mahila Mukti Morcha`s must confront the women who use there gender as a tool and law makers must put such women to trial.

And we must convince women and men, both,  that there is no competition between man and woman, We exist in each other`s existence, so, competing each other is totally a fallacy. We may complement each other but cant compete with each other.

 Last but not the least, Rape can happen to both Man or woman, and gender specific punishments are un-justifiable. Probability of wrong is on both sides. Lets think beyond the cocoons.
A report by Hindu on Delhi Stats is shared below:-


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