CHHAJJU Halwai as Delhi CM

Chhajju halwai look alike
Delhi:- Amidst all the rift, tiff, stiff and stuff which is going on between LG ( the only, popular and known governor of india) & Mr. Arvind K. There is a news that the famous Chhaju halwai of delhi, famous for his honest samosas*, has applied for the post of CM. As between the rift nothing seems to be happening and it seems as if CM is nothing more than a spectator. Chhajju Ji is thinking that he also needs some chair to sit and think, so he applied for this position.

And meanwhile, till the time this rift goes on, he can enjoy and feel the position of CM, which anyways has no powers. He claimed that his shop and its appliances are also having no power in the day, so this position of CM will provide him a very professional and homely atmosphere.

He told our senior rasiya reporter, Mr. Rass ka Gulla, that he will be writing a letter to our PMs. 1 PM is Mr.Pranab Mukherjee and other one is Prime Minister. Fortunately enough, Mr.Modi PM is in India to attend the marriage of Mr.Digvijaya`s Son. So on this auspicious occasion, may be his letter will present with a good omen for our PMs and they can hope to end this tussle by accepting the letter.
Honest Samosas

* Honest Samosa:- you still wondering about honest samosa, it is speciality of chhaju halwayi, he claims and has papers to prove his claims that each samosa carries 78.3% of aalu with error margin of  +- 0.1%.

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