Tiger Memon`s MERCY plea ACCEPTED


Nayi Rajneetik Dilli:- It came as a shocker for the entire nation, when tiger memon`s (brother of Yakub Memon) anticipatory Mercy plea was accepted by the President. It is said that tiger memon has presented his mercy plea on the pretext that he will also be hanged, so he presented a mercy plea on the mere anticipation. And to everyone`s surprise plea was ACCEPTED.
Citing this, a nationwide debate broke out. All the media houses are planning a debate with political parties spokerpersons in the studios. Keeping in view a mass un-rest, Delhi govt. said, that as the police is not in there control, it wont be possible to manage the crowd coming out on the streets of delhi. Even a few protestors were spotted outside parliament. But as the parliament session is not in progress due to internal political disruptions, No MP was found inside.
A large group of ppl were spotted at Jantar Mantar, raising a slogan, 'The Nation wants to know" and listening to this, the silence of president house finally broke out.
A few hours later national husband (rashtrapati) issued a statement to the press stating that, mercy plea was accepted on the pretext of SAVE TIGER Abhyaan of Govt., As President house is committed towards this campaign so, they decided to accept the plea and save the tiger. Also, Salman khan is feeling releaved that tiger`s name is not Black Buck.

DISCLAIMER:- This is a fake news. But i really wish, tiger gets caught and no mercy shall be awarded.

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