Earthquake Vs Nimbu Mirchi

Earthquake or Nimbu Mirchi, which is stronger?.........Strange things happen sometimes, earthquakes might be scary for some,but, are not as strong as the strongest bonded couple of Nimbu Mirchi (Lemon Chilli). Yes, thats true. At least in our part of the world here in India. Although all the cultures have there superstitions, thus, on similar lines we do have our own.
So here i am, with my own version of a fictional truth. Two contrasting days :-

Quake quake to QUACK QUACK, Nimbu Mirchi wins
25th October,2015. I along with my friend were having gol gappas (what could be the english name for our loved, round gappas) anyways, while having these round gappas, my highly qualified friend saw a lemon and chilli tied up together with a black thread (Nimbu Mirchi, tantrik type Yantra).
Seeing this he just stepped aside making sure that he doesnt even remotely steps over this Magical nimbu mirchi. He forgot the superb taste of gol gappas and started thinking about this nimbu mirchi. He was thinking if he touched this lemon or not, although a mistake but still did he touch it? Even though i was sure that he didnt even remotely go over this rotten lemon. But still my dear friend decided that he will go to a temple and donate some wheat flour and daal (expensive these days, ain`t it). To this, i accompanied him and saw loads of black daal and mustard oil being donated. Rich people, they must be.

On 26th October, same friend of mine sitting with me, about to have his lunch at our residence, located on 9th floor. We were about to have some real delicious daal, not the one he donated on previous day but the yellow one, which i like. As soon as we held the first bite, before we could eat. We felt that our dining chairs were dancing, my eyebrows raised, i knew that its an earthquake. in next 2-3 secs, the earthquake grew stronger. Being a weak heart-ed person, i stood up and asked him to join me, so that, we may vacate the building like every logical life loving person. But this cowboy said in his normal punjabi accent " O Chhad Yaar, Kuchh ni hunda". Believe me, it was the strongest earthquake we felt in our life and this man was having his yellow daal.

Now, i was having a spicy masala feeling which was kind of a mixture of shock, amusement, disgust, surprise & what not. This friend of mine is the same person, who was donating Black Daal for just a bleak, merely an illusion of stepping over the great lemmon chilli yantra on the previous day. And now this same person is gulping in the Yellow Daal when the earth was shaking. Strange, isnt it?

I am sure now, that people like me can not convince these yantra and mantra mugdh people with my Quack quack or Quake quake. So, here
i Surrender!

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