KEJRIWAL ka dharna against CHRIS GAYLE
Chris Gayle absorbing Jadoo Power
After a massive innings by Chris Gayle on 6th May 2015 in so called cricket, i.e IPL. the blasted side of KXIP`s bowlers planned a dharna in front of Chris Gayle`s hotel in Bengaluru. When this news reached our Dharna propreitor Mr.Kejriwal, he grabbed the oppurtunity right away and declared that AAP will support the punjab bowlers in this dharna.

Tu kar bowling, nahi nahi, tu kar, tu tu tu tu
Kejriwal will be leading the dharna and Anna hazare might be approached for his patented Aamaran ant-shant. AAP`s convener has confirmed that they have some documents which clearly reveal that chris gayle has some alien kind of material derived from Koi mil geya`s jadoo`s skin. And this skin when charged with solar energy lets him hit Sixes in that fashion.
Jadoo se Jharhoo tak
Jadoo se jhadoo tak
Amongst all this BJP has called this alien angle as Congress and AAP`s mili-bhagat. BJP said Jadoo being an RSS swayamsewak can not lend his skin to Gayle, as Gayle is a congressman. And kejriwal dumped the claims of Congress and BJP and said that they will file a PIL and will seek a CBI inquiry against Chris Gayle for hitting such hard sixes.

Amongst all this, Jadoo was found confused and has left for his Jadoo-land for ever.

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