The man in saffron attire.

Rajdeep sardesai was attacked at madison square, that is the news and video going viral since morning.And some articles are making people read, that a man in saffron attire attacked rajdeep. Shame on people who want to sensationalize and polarize such an issue of countrymen fighting in an alien country.

I don't know what is the issue, or who is right or wrong. Its not just about that for me. Indians fighting with each other over something in a Nation which is far off, welcoming our Prime Minister.
How cool is that? We had to show them, THE Americans, that our nation is not just another third world country as they perceive about us, instead it is a nation which is secular and going to be self super sufficient. We could have flashed our ISRO`s mangalyaan. But no we are obsessed with people and not ideas.

I wonder why do we people turn into sycophants, at times, majority of times. You want to follow someone, follow him, but dont impose him or her on others. How difficult is this to understand. Why debate about a person, on the contrary, why dont we debate and discuss about the issues. People shouting Namo, Namo. What can they achieve about this. I would like to remind them GandhiJi`s talisman again. Are these people lending there hand in development by shouting such slogans.

Modi is, or may be, or may not be good, but he is someone who should and must tell his followers, not to follow sycophancy.  If he is genuinely a good person, he must tell his followers to stop such sycophancy and follow him, or lead him or contribute with him, towards the development of  hindustan, bharat or India. (whatever he wants to name it). At least he should be able to provide them the basic needs of food, health and hut.

What people want to remember him for, is not his Kurta, but is for his mantra getting realized, "Minimum govt. and Maximum Governance". Swachh bharat not just on roads, but also in our insides.

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