P.M, a big name, biggest designation. It seems totally un-reachable, unapproachable.
People who become PM seem to be un-aware about literal challenges in villages and belong to certain royalty.

A chai wala, a teacher, a chief minister and now The Prime Minister, but since Modi has become the prime minister. He is a person who doesnt seems to be un-approachable. He is not like other PMs, selected by people, who address the nation only on Independence Day. By addressing the nation on Teachers Day, PM has declared a new kind of Digitally Social Politics of this nation.

I saw students asking PM, a few questions, related to Girls Education, Employment, Energy Conservation and Digitization of this nation. But the best part was the PM addressing these questions as a good teacher by taking very casual and grounded examples. And certainly this was extempore.And the best part of the examples was that the examples given were very much connected to daily life and were related to reality and were connected to roots.

On one side he spoke about skill development and on the other side he spoke about feeling the Full Moon night, Sun-rise to the Sun-set.

This prime Minister has transformed himself from The P.M to a P.M , who clearly showed this to the nation that its not easy to be his companion. To celebrate an occasion its not necessary to take a leave and forget about the occasion. He clearly showed that its the time we need to introspect and start looking forward.Its not just about idolization but also about Realization

It gives an immense pleasure to see children from different parts of OUR nation trying to connect to the prime minister (An Ex-teacher) on teachers day. He signalled clearly that he is not un-approachable, like other prime ministers and he is ready to take extempore questions with extempore replies. He has clearly demonstrated to the world that he is a common man having an un-common designation. And his simplicity is his uniqueness. which he demonstrated at the end of each reply by saying Thank you Beta.

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