Religious conversions, I find these two words totally opposite to each other. Antonmys, how can these words co-exist. And that also with there arms wrapped around each other. A very basic fact about religions is that the God is one and we all are his creations and we need to believe in it.

Every now and than we are seeing ppl from different religions, if not religions, than communities, fighting with each other. claiming to be holier than thou.And a similar race is going on related to publishing the numbers.Now we have created a huge database, telling us, or may i say, dictating us with the number of people or the population in each religion. And also, every year such a data for conversion is also published.

Isnt this conversion contradictory to the very fact that God is one. There is a race going on among the growing (Growing-the most superflous term in the context of religion) religions related to the number of conversions being done every year. And such a data is easily accessible. Christians and Muslim fake institutions who claim to be religious, actually pseudo - religious, are leading or may be misleading the world with such graphical representations.

I wonder many a times? Is it right to convert one person into another. Wasn't the person a good human being earlier, why to convert him. Why cant i be a Christian and a muslim at the same time.

Why do i need a certificate from some institution to believe in Christ & the prophet both at the same time. I have a full right to worship the idols and books at the same time in the same house.
I don't consider it right, to be converted. I don't think i can find god by abiding to any set of rules. How can i become holier by believing in a set of rules which are confining me, compartmentalizing me.

Such conversions are totally erratic and must be BANNED. But the governments wont do it. As they have a huge vote-bank and politics to cater to. but a basic common assumption needs to prevail and  I need not succumb to the rules defined by any compartmentalized institutions known as high temporal religious seats.The only religious rule applicable for me is, not to hurt anyone by my actions, remarks and intents, knowingly and unknowingly. For me that is my religion. And i will not change my name to please you. Request you to help me develop myself spiritually and not just change me physically.
We can learn from each other rather than just control each other.

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