Ud-Chuka Punjab

Ud Chuka Punjab  (#SupportUdtaPunjab)

03-June-2016: Amidst the rumors that Udta Punjab movie might be banned in Punjab or it has to have a lot many screening cuts before it is actually released in punjab. These rumors actually seem to be true. If google aunty is to be believed the movie has been asked to have as many as 40 cuts before releasing in Punjab.

Elections are almost on cards and our beloved addict Mr.Cloud is certainly not interested in having any controversy attached to him. I am of a belief that the time has come when his party is going to flood the market and marketing agencies with loads of money and try to rebuild the marketing campaign  to Re-Fame Punjab, as Punjab has already been rightly de-famed by media houses.

You  might get to hear a lot of campaigns with different media houses saying Punjab is being defamed deliberately. And lot many Punjabi celebrities might be pitched in to say that Punjab has no drug abuse problem & is a prosperous state. If these campaigns happen on TV, Radio, Newspaper. I request you, not to be a part of it. As these might try to pitch in the royalty of punjab, that its punjabis have earned by there hard work. Simply ignore such campaigns which lure us all towards the punjabi-ness.

So, lets simply ignore such stupid trials and issues being raked by current govt.`s. Lets rebuild the same old flavor with new challenges. Punjabis have always had beaten such challenges in the past, so will they, this time as well. Good Luck to Punjab.


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