SACRED Heart Donates Blood

Chandigarh, 24/10/2015:- An INSTITUTE, for me, it means a group of teachers, faculty, methodology which can set up some intrinsic values in children. In Actual it must EDUCATE children and not just literate them with books.

Such a fine example was portrayed today by an institute in Chandigarh by organizing a Blood Donation Camp. I have not seen much of the schools doing or organizing such activity or drive.
But Sacred Heart going well along with its name displaying a SACRED heart, by successfully organizing a blood donation camp with the help of there students. In our times, we used to remember blood in the form of evil. But these children are going to have an image of nobility whenever they would be hearing the word Blood. Now thats a change, world needs to thrive for.

I wish that every school learns from them and starts inculcating such values in there children.
On the other side, i would like to highlight that blood donation is not only helpful for others, rather, its really beneficial for the donor as well. A very few of the benefits are:-

1). It helps to reduce the risk of HEART related diseases

2).Reduces the risk of CANCER


4). Helps reduce the risk of LIVER diseases.

5). Reduces the IRON levels and removes the un-necessary iron residues

And last but not the least

6). A free Health Check :)

Such ideas & activities must be proliferated with the help of such good schools, leading us all.

Such institutes are certainly going to bless the society with good, responsible, noble and Global citizens. May God Bless them always.


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