NO Relief from BEEF

NO Relief from BEEF

Pick up a paper in the morning, there is some riot, killing, or at least some violence related to THE beef.
This Beef Ban is a superb example of such instances. The negativity which floats around it, is printed all over and after banning the beef, it was shown, inferred and said Muslims are the main perpetrators and doing something against the law by eating Beef.

Now, a question arises here. Is it only Muslims who eat Beef??? and what about other non-veg diets, is there any conscience about them as well?

You will find Few of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists eating beef along with a very  few hindus & Sikhs might be eating it as well. But why  there a big hullabaloo only on muslims. Certainly there is some society and organized thought process behind this violence, occurring on daily basis. 
A large thought factory is sitting somewhere trying to disturb the balance among the communities by raking up these issues.These elections are providing a workload to news channels and such thought generators.

Nepal is the only HINDU nation on planet, and yet they butchered/sacrificed 5000 Buffaloes in the name of sacrifice for religious reasons. Just google the animal sacrifice in Nepal. Lakhs of Animals are killed in the honour of Goddess GandhiMai (goddess of power, a Hindu Goddess). Now keeping in view the global statistics of sacrifices, even Hindus are not far behind.

As a news piece of THE HINDU:-
"According to the data, India exported 2.4 million tonnes of beef and veal in FY2015, compared to 2 million tonnes by Brazil and 1.5 million by Australia. These three countries account for 58.7 per cent of all the beef exports in the world. India itself accounts for 23.5 per cent of global beef exports. This is up from a 20.8 per cent share last year."

"India’s buffalo meat exports have been growing at an average of nearly 14 per cent each year since 2011, and fetching India as much as $4.8 billion in 2014. Last year, India for the first time earned more from the export of buffalo meat than it did from Basmati rice."

If Govt. is actually interested in Beef Ban, they could have silently banned the exports, but they will not. As they want the issue to boil up, so that they can bake there Bread of Votes on the pyre of the communal murders.

Benazir Suriaya is a brave Muslim woman, PETA India's Lead 
Amidst all this, i want to ask a question to a few muslims who do eat Beef, Is it Mandatory to eat Beef in Islam 

As per the little googled knowledge the answer is NO, it is not mandatory in Islam to eat Beef or in that case any non-veg. Even a VEGAN can be a muslim. So, i would request my Muslim brothers not to eat beef, as it may hurt someone`s feelings. And politicians broadcasting green or saffron terror might make you a target for these. So, lets not allow these shrewd politicians engage our bechari Cow in this shitty politics and elections.

Obama(An outsider) came to delhi for Republic Day and said, india must stay away from Sectarianism (Communal violence) and must preserve its secularism. What does that means, it might mean to me that the world is aware and keeping an eye on the trivial issues we quarrel about instead of poverty and under-development. We are being tracked internationally on this, Int`al media taking views:-

So, probably, we are not going to get any relief from the BEEF in the coming days. Mandir ka mudda hua purana, Ab hai Beef ka mudda pakana.

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