Nanak tera, ya nanak mera, nanak iska, ya nanak uska.

जिस गंदगी से निकाल कर नानक हमें बंदगी की ओर ले के गए थे, हम आज फिर उसी गंदगी को छूने के लिए भाग रहे हैं ।

From the briefings of historians, one thing comes out clearly about Nanak, that he belonged to every one but no one. There are two statements that can be made about Nanak.

1). He was neither a muslim, nor a hindu. He started sikhism
2). He was everyone muslim, hindu,and all castes at the same time.

I would love to believe in the second statement, because for me, the second statement clearly doesnt discards any faith. It accepts all the faiths and yet is directioned only towards ek-onkar, allah, one god. This he clearly proved from his writings and compilations, closeness with Bhagat Kabir Ji, travelling to Mecca, Kashi and all around the joined world.

I read that Nanak read Namaaz in Iraq and shlokas in Kashi and proved the being a pandit or a learned qaazi is not enough. Being everyone and yet no one is of more and bigger importance.
God is not found in division but in unification.

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