India vs Pakistan

INDIA Vs PAKISTAN ( Eidee delivered)

Like Black is to white, cold is to hot......similary India is to pakistan.
INDIAN NEWS:-  Heavy mortar shelling was fired by india in retaliation to the  pakistani forces.

PAKISTANI NEWS:- Heavy mortar shelling was fired by Pakistan in retaliation to the  Indian forces.

And for the civilians across the border, the output was that around 20 people (Including indians and pakistanis) died near the border area.

And the war is not just on borders, another dimension also opens on another side.Brilliant brains, our hackers, hack each others websites. Pakistans railway website is hacked by indian hackers with a warning to bilawal Bhutto.
And Pakistani hackers hack indian websites trying to show there prowess.

Amongst all this, I am sure, Chinese and American defence and intelligence must be hacking both indian and Pakistani defence cyberspace.

Amidst all this, a pleasant news came, where Shri Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai, an indian and a Pakistani got nobel peace prize. The highest accolade, one could imagine. 
Now that is what I call VIDAMBNA (dilemma). On one side indian and Pakistani forces fighting each other over some issue, or may be trying to create an issue. And on the other hand Nobel Peace prize to an Indian and Pakistani on same day.

May be, Malala should come to india and Satyarthi Ji should go to Pakistan and explain to the crooks, o sorry, i mean politicians, that peace can never be attained by treaties, instead, it can be attained by alleviating our own countrymen,  by taking them away from poverty and get them a freedom of opinion alongwith FOOD.

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