We apparently inherited something from our apparent ancestors from the apparent democracy of today`s India. Why are we always so scared, or may be i should say, why is the govt. always so scared?
What is it, that can make the conditions so volatile that govt. doesnt wants the common man to know about it.

Recently a film was announced, Kaum de heere, a movie on Indira Gandhi`s assassination and assassins.
There was a time when a slogan became popular "Indira is India, India is Indira". This clearly shows that she was a super popular leader.But than why was she murdered by two bodyguards, which they say were sikhs, satwant singh and beant singh. And it is being said the movie is about these bodyguards. This movie has been barred from release, scheduled on 22Aug,2014. To justify the decision, Rule 32 of cinematograph,1983 which pertains to the re-examination of certified is being cited.

I have not seen movies on Nathu Ram godse, neither i know much about him. There are letters of Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, the great martyrs, whose letters from jail were never published and were destroyed by govt. Something strange happened with Subhash Chandra Bose as well, no body knows, where this great leader disappeared after independence. So many examples can be quoted from the british era. And as the law of british time has prevailed in India till now. So does the thought process. Hide the truth under the carpet and dont let anyone see it. But this hiding of infectious things under the carpet has increased the bump under the carpet so much that the people carrying the fake democratic thought are tumbling and falling due to it.

The youth of today wants to know the truth, may be our leaders are so much fascinated with there power and mismanagement, that they want everyone to live in a hoax and believe that aal izz well.
Curbing the cinema and storytelling will curb the acumen and the capability to tolerate questions.

All the leaders must understand that the age of sycophants is gone and the youth wants the answers to hidden questions.No one can run the democracy by putting bandages on the its body and by barring or banning the truth. To heal the body we must let it be exposed. It might be painful but it is ultimately required for healing, else the democracy will succumb to the bandaged injuries.

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