wondering, wondering, i am just wondering, how can i write what i want to convey or may be what i feel.
Who the hell am i to convey anything to anyone. i just want to share what i feel.
And the most interesting thing is that i try to define what i feel. Isnt this similar to someone trying to explain GOD.

You explain him and you diminish(what should be the right word) his very own existence. Something which can be explained or is define-able has to be measurable, than how can it be God. All the religions/communities with common beliefs try to explain or even the spokespersons of these religions actually explain God. Now that is contradictory.

It is good to talk about him, to feel him, to be him. But the spokespersons giving a verdict are weird. Actually i find them weird. May be they are not, but i dont become synchronous with them, As they try to take away my freedom by defining God at first stage and then defining the rules for me to make him manifest out of me.  
Now how does that makes sense, is totally no sense for me.

I never asked for a chemical reaction formula which can be delivered by adding somethings in specific quantities.
I want to feel him, i want to live him but in my own way. No ones fingerprints matches the other persons fingerprint. I think we all have a similar BUT UNIQUE tuning frequency, which helps us meet him. So, every one has his own way, or may be has to find his own way to be effortless. Because as i always feel, being effortless is the only way to manifest his self.
So, every one has to be effortless in his own specific and unique way to meet him, to merge with him.

I may sound confused, it is just because i am still looking for my fingerprint or the way in which i can meet him.

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