IPC 377......bloody gays. They must be shunted out of the society. They are a blot.
 Ohh! Who is that idiot shouting. That is a father who is not able to digest the  fact that his son is a gay.
I am still wondering why is he so annoyed, so baffled, that he is shouting. A moron, but his son is still not thinking that way. He still wants to convince his father that it is not his fault that he has this orientation. He is like this since his birth. He is another idiot too. I am giving a verdict on this, that makes me an idiot too three four........
But still i will place my opinion, oops, not opinion but verdict. Freedom of speech, LOLZ.

To the father:- Dear unfortunate father, its sad that your son is not living
his life your bloody way. That makes him such a sinner, compartmentalized, selfish individual.Your son, who lived his life scared and in a kind of hideout, created his own bubble world around him.He was scared that his family may not come to know about his orientation. He couldnt do what he liked, he couldnt commit what he liked. He just kept studying the way you wanted. Kept on going to temples the way you wanted, refrained from all the habits you didnt liked. But this bloody orientation was never in his control. He was like this the day he was born.Than he lied one day while going out to his college. He lied because he was scared of losing you, a magnificent parent, that is what this gay son thinks. He tried to take his life, but couldnt, again because of you. He loved you, loves you. He always cursed god for making him like this, but than he developed this habit of lying, just to make you happy. And today when he stood up against all odds to let you know that he wont marry a woman of your choice and told you about his sexual orientation, you thrashed him. Just imagine what is he thinking at present. He must be thinking, " i wish i could convince my parents, my family.....i wish", he must be cursing the god again convincing himself to be guilty of not having the choice of partner his parents wanted.
Now what kind of son could he be? I can call you an idiot in front of him, but he might kill me for that.
What kind of son could he be? i know the answer of that question, that would make him a good son, respecting his father, no matter what, he cherishes the fact, that you are his father. Please understand one fact that the problem is with you and not him. You need to understand the fact that your son is absolutely normal and has an able mind to understand and analyze anything like us.

To the Son:- I think you are an abnormal person.Abnormal, not because you are homosexual, instead it is because you are convinced that you are wrong even when you know that you arent. You are a human being who likes to have sexual relation with another human being of same sex. That is your case. Nothing more dramatic or sentimental to it. You are absolutely a normal man. Stop cursing yourself and being an idiot. If your parents dont understand that, that means, it is there mental block or fault and not yours. You respect them, that doesnt means you can control what god has destined for you. I am a heterosexual, that doesnt makes you inferior or superior to me. It is a just a social rule/perception. Your parents will understand, love is the best convincing feeling. But it has to be unconditional.

To myself the biggest idiot:- Stop giving verdicts.

To the God:- Why didnt you make everything same and identical. That would have been boring, But still, give it a thought Sir.

God`s reply:- Hi buddy, got your email. Wow! Earth is so beautiful, Live your life to the fullest, have fun guys..
And ya, see you SOON.

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