MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY 

The most easy question in each election is, "Whom shall i vote for" And we decide in a blink of an eye, who is the right one.

I feel,  i strongly feel that Something is not right here. I have a duty to vote for the candidate, who should go and represent me, my constituency, my area and shall become my voice. And am i fulfilling my duty rightly by choosing the party, at times, irrespective of the candidate i know ?
In my case, choosing a candidate is not a matter of a simple choice, it is my duty as well.

These days, it is much easier to know about the local candidate, we can google, Whatsapp, check social media, public life is visible to everyone. A little research of 5 mins might enlighten you.

If still i am unsure of the candidate, in that case, i can check the party manifesto and see if that is helpful. Our ignorance is the reason that the parties have started a monkey business of printing the NEGATIVE papers defaming / ridiculing the opposition and not questioning them about the actual facts. The reason for this is that, they want to keep us inert of the real MUDDAS.

My humble request is to follow the below 3 Points :-

  •  DO NOT VOTE FOR CM / PM :-Our duty is to choose the candidate, MLA / MP and not PM / CM, so fulfill your duty by voting and not merely selecting. Stop debating about people. No one can be 100% accurate or pure. So stop discussing people.
  • BE MUDDA-CENTRIC & NOT PEOPLE CENTRIC / BHAKTS:- The people want some god to come and set the system right. Nothing like that is going to happen, stop being a Bhakt, Discuss the issues and events, stop discussing people and being a bling bhakt.
  • FULFILL YOUR DUTY:-  Our duty is to vote for the local candidate only, Parties must feel pressurized while choosing the candidate. Strong bricks make a strong house. They are the most essential part of the complete system.

DISCLAIMER:- Pls share if you support and comment if you think, this needs discussion. I am inclined towards Mudda and against no specific party or person. Dont make CM/PM so powerful that the local candidates cant even question him.

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