New born girl - Not a Lakshmi for sure.

मेरी कुड़ियां लक्ष्मी नहीं है   ( My DAUGHTERS are no Lakshmi)

"Its OK yaar, ladkiyan to lakshmi hoti hain, luck le ke aati hain ....Bow Bow Bow......Blah Blah"
"कन्या देवी है , लक्ष्मी है ,  बड़ बड़ बड़। ......... "

A Line which i am hearing since last 2-3 days, since my 2nd daughter is born.

This is to all my fellow congratulate-ors who come in the garb of concerned relatives / friends. Pls stop coming to me like a cover up artist.
You all can come to me like an actual happy person and actually congratulate me if you are happy else dont bring your banters to me.

मुझे सांत्वना की ज़रुरत नहीं है।

On a serious note, i would like to humbly request everyone, pls dont burden the new borns
( irrespective of there gender ), dont burden them with HUGE responsibilities to be like gods or goddesses. Let a normal child be like a sweet normal child, be it a boy or a girl. If you become rich or poor after your child is born, it is only because of your deeds or may be some law of karma, but, it certainly has nothing to do with that child.

Lets make a clarity to our ownself, that daughters & sons are a child at first place and than they become a part of this social system at a later stage. Stop measuring & burdening there present with an un-realized future.

DISCLAIMER:- I & My beautiful wife were only interested in a HEALTHY child and not at all in a boy or a girl. Yeah preference can be there, but abnormally, we both were not preferential. We will try to improve to be a fitment to this social system in next lives.

To my daughters ( Aastha singh & Aayat Singh) :- ओ पुत्तर,  दुनिया बुध्धु  है, चिंता  ना कर , enjoy कर  ( If they, by an chance get to read my blog in the future )'

To Everyone around:- Please Like, Share the blog, so that we can stop the people from consoling and ask them to congratulate..... #StopConsolingGirlsBirth

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