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DE-MONETIZATION - Some Interesting Facts

8th Nov, 2016 a day which might become a question in the General knowledge books of future india,
A Day when De-monetization, an economist technical jargon became a household term.

An enthralling response was given to the announcement made by the Prime Minister, Mr.Modi on withdrawing the Legal Tender(uff!, what a term for money) of 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes from the market.
It was like so many Mango men ( Aam Aadmi - not the party) became happy that the rich, who stack the money in there houses, will have a money which will be useless.

But as the days are passing by, the decision is loosing its sheen and an un-avoidable criticism is coming to the light. Regarding myself, i am not an economist, nor any kind of financial expert. So, i would not even try to guide, advice or suggest anything. But as an effect of this decision, i certainly noted some interesting facts, which i am going to enlist for you all:-

1). LENDER-BORROWER RELATIONSHIP LOVE BLOSSOMED:- Everyone who was earlier, unable to return the big amounts like 5-10Lacs, certainly, all of a sudden in an overnight wanted to return the money to the lender, most interestingly, even when lender was saying, "arey bhai, aap baad mein de dena", but the lender is like, "aaj hi le lo bhai".

2). PROMPTU BHAKTS :-  Sudden Streak of religiousness striked to many, the bhakts who donated  10-20 Rupees in temples earlier, started having a big heart and donated 500-1000 in a single day, ALL OF A SUDDEN, A fantastic growth rate of 5000%. wooooooooo!

3). BANK MANAGERS ARE IMPORTANT THAN THE RELATIVES:- Suddenly, Bank employees have become the new soldiers and heroes of the society and the relatives who are Bank Managers have become the most important family members for entire family.

4). MESSENGERS OF WHATSAPP ARE IN DEMAND:-  All of a sudden new era of Economics &  political leaders have come up on whatsapp. Some real analysts who cant even plan there single week`s budget, are deciding the fate of the country and politics behind the so called De-Monetization.

5). CONSPIRACY JAMES BOND:- Some real masterminds who couldnt crack there 2nd standard exam in the school, cracked the conspiracies behind this abrupt step of demonetization. Theories like R Jio, UP elections, Nano Chip or what not, came to light and enlightened every other person.

P.S:- Perhaps, i feel the people who are having multiple properties need to be ready for the upcoming decisions regarding the property.  

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