The GUILT of Kashmir



Its 1130PM, a boy, a nationalist Indian boy, calls me and shares his guilt and confesses about something.

"Sir, Mere Nana is fighting for the freedom of Kashmir, and i am feeling highly guilty and embarassed that he is my Grandfather, what should i do?"

After a pause of 2-3 sec, till the time i could recollect what he said, i responded back, what you should do is that, you need to think and introspect, if you have the freedom to think that he is wrong, shouldn't he have the freedom of thinking what he feels is right.

Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast", which translates to "if there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here". This is something quoted by a mughal emperor when he first saw kashmir. And we all need to think, what we turned it into. what is remaining, is it heaven? or is it just remains. The urge to think is on both sides, for & against.

I know, what i am going to write might have a lot of comments reflecting negatively on me. But should that stop me from sharing what i wish to. If i am bound by borders, at least my thought shall not.

This friend of mine a young boy of around 26 yrs shared the following new piece with me. "

with "Pandits take part in Pulwama freedom rally"  as a HEADLINE.
(Am not sure whether its a headline or THE headline. Although Mr.reporter has laid a great emphasis on this. )

After going through the news article, this friend of mine tells me that the gentleman (kashmiri Pandit) is his loving GrandFather. So after my friend came across thsi news, he was feeling guilty; bad about it. Although, i couldnt understand the source of guilt.

I still am thinking, who was wrong, the feeling of that GUILT, or the gentleman protesting for his piece or may be Peace of land or the ones who wrote this news article just to emphasize the caste of a person who thinks about freedom, or me, who is unable to comprehend, why the value of life has been kept on a much lower podium than the life itself. I am unable to answer. thats why i said in the start.

JUST IMAGINE, as i am unable to....................!!!!!!!!

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