Zirakpur: 11Jan,2016:- VIP Road, which is considered the heart of zirakpur has no traffic management system which leads to daily accidents. A brutal accident which has thrown a man in a serious condition happened on VIP Road on 11th Jan 2016  at around 10 PM outside Maya Garden and whispering willows. 

THe accident  had left Mr.Gursimran Singh un-concious in a pool of blood.
A few residents of nearby societies who gathered made a few calls for Ambulance and PCR. But to no one`s surprise, PCR didnt turn up as usual. No Ambulance came for help. After all the doors found closed and with a Man bleeding badly on the road side, someone suggested to call an Ambulance which is being managed VIP Road Welfare Federation charitably. And thanks to them that the man was carried to the nearby hospital. 

Now this accident has raised a very very big question on the readiness of towns like zirakpur, where no Police Support is available. Police instead is proving a big failure in this town. Even after the call, no one turned up to ask or record the accident. Probably, tomorrow the mushrooming illegal dhabawalas are going to pick up a jhadoo and clean the road in front of there dhaba. And the BLOOD stains of Mr.Gursimran singh are going to get washed away in the uncleaned sand of this road. This particular spot on this broken so called VIP Road is a prime example of the Failure of Punjab Governments sham initiatives.From Illegal constructions to encroachments to a road without any traffic regulation are all leading to this GRAND failure of this so called VIP ROAD. And yet the system is sleeping as usual.

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