Yogi Adityanath Agenda REVEALED

Report by Farji pattarkar New Delhi:

Dhol Kumar, a follower of yogi Adityanath, today revealed at a press conference at delhi, the reason of Yogi Adityanath`s recurrent speeches on sending everyone to Pakistan. This Press conference was conducted by Dhol Kumar ji after Yogya Yogi ji spoke about Mr.Shah Rukh Khan. Actually, SRK is Dhol Ji`s Favorite, so Dhol ji came forward to expose the hidden agenda behind yogi ji`s speeches.

Dhol Ji told the press that Adityanath ji is running a Passport & Visa application & Documentation agency, specializing in countries like Pakistan. So, to boost up his business, he targeted SRK. As he could not afford SRK, so tried to rope him into this controversy. Dhol Ji also tweeted at handle #YogyaYogi business man. 

This revelation has increased the applications for visa by 300% and yogya yogi ji is planning to open the branches in 15 more cities. Thanks to the #intolerance and #AndhBhakts. FInally #AchcheDin are prominently visible for Yogi ji. Also, it is being reported that Yogi ji is behind the grand success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and is claiming a big share in the revenues. #AchcheDin.

DISCLAIMER:- Obviously, Its a Fake News. Neither take this news seriously, nor some notorious Netas.

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