God is NOT A vegetarian

God is NOT A vegetarian

I am writing this, because i want to convey something to my fellow homo-sapiens who survive on a Vegetarian diet. Dear Vege guys, i had felt something from the posts, news, articles etc. being published by your fellow vegans and veges , you guys have acquired a feeling somehow, that you are superior than the ppl feeding on a non-veg diet, And Veges always try to portray that eating non-veg is non-religious whereas veg is religious. A similar display happened during the Meat Ban in Mumbai on the oocasion of Paryushan (jai Festival). Slaughter house are kept closed during paryushan and a ban on meat is imposed for a few days. Than you follow an incident of Dadri justifying #BeefBan

I think i would like to re-iterate again and again, that you people need to stop feeding your EGOS and stop keeping yourself on a higher podium than your non-veg counterparts. More than Half of the world is eating, non-veg and i would accept that, This stat of more than, half doesn`t makes them wrong or right religiously. For me eating can create energy of positivity or negatitvity, and positivity have nothing to do with religion or God. The only thing it has to do with, is EGO. The vegetarian people must understand one thing,  that they can not ever achieve GOD by eating or shitting any thing. God is of more than vital importance and most un-important in World`s existence.

One thing of vital importance is that, god never gave us a digestive system to digest grass or any other similar food. But on the other hand, we do have a digestive system which can digest Meat or Veg food . So that does mean that both should co-exist, be it a herbivore or carnivore.

And as per the studies farming came into existence a long after man came onto earth. So, farming and cultivation was a modern concept, thus eating the vegetables. With reference to the wikipedia, History of agriculture is around 11000 Years old (link given below for reference).
So, perhaps the vegetarianism and eating vegetables was a modern concept for man a long ago and had nothing to do with religion.


The only logic with which i get convinced is that meat bearing animals do suffer pain and why to inflict pain for our tastebuds. So, for Gods sake don`t just relate the god with Veg or Non-Veg,
For me God has nothing to do with Veg and Non-veg. It is only our egos and there pains which are related.
So for veg or Non-Veg ppl. i assume that god is neither a veg or non-veg.

Disclaimer:- I personally prefer vegetarian diet, not because of religion, but, because i like veg more than non-veg. And most importantly, if i eat veg, that doesn`t gives me a right to hate non-veg or anyone having it. Its just that, why to inflict pain, when we can have the nutrition from Plants as well. NOTHING RELIGIOUS ABOUT IT.

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