Over the controversy of the country`s whole and sole hope of Baba Ram Rahim SIngh Ji`s  (ohh... i forgot to mention Insaan), anyhow i refer to him as MSG nowadays, he is not my friend or foe but that name is much more easier than Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji sirsa wale from dera sacha Sauda, I would like to suggest MSG to write a letter to SGPC  and should thank them and other Sikh organisations working to stop the release of movie.
                                         The SGPC or the related organisations, who call them or self proclaim to be pro sikh organisations, must have had spent a lots and lots of money in stopping the movie from getting released. SGPC and Akali Dal must be thanked by MSG for this. As MSG must have saved a lots of money from his promotional budget of the movie.  But the question of the hour should be, where does this money comes in from, Is it the same money i donate and put in the golaks, which is collected by SGPC  and used from Dharam prachar (Religous preaching).
                                            I would like to take the leverage of representing a small faction of youth here, who donates and puts money in the golaks, that is being mis-used in the name of religion. To me it doesnt matters if any Baba from any kind of Dera makes a movie and releases it, he is a citizen of this country and has a complete right to do this, without hurting anyones sentiments, but here, the movie is not even released, we dont know, what is has and still our ppl are making a fuss about it. So, i would like to request my fellow community ppl, not to put any money in golaks, as SGPC is not using it in a constructive way. Instead, if you want to really donate, donate it directly to the needy,  buy them stuff they need and dont bring money into vicious circle.
                            Amidst all this there was a movie on Bhagat pooran singh Ji (eh janam tumhare lekhe), i wish the SGPC could have used this money in promoting that movie instead of trying to uselessly stop MSG. Show others how great we are by showing Bhagat Ji`s life and not by fighting with any Baba to show how small he is. Politics co-exists with religion but it should be positive and not negative. I request everyone to do watch the movie eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe. And regarding MSG and his movie, i really dont know.

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