PK (Paise Kamao)

PK - TK (theek NAHI hai)

To The Director

A movie criticizing religions, majorly Hindu dieties, and the role being portrayed by a Muslim Actor married to a Hindu Lady. And yet you call these people Religously intolerant.

I/We must congratulate our Hindu Brothers/sisters for being open minded and tolerant to any such kind of criticism. This is the only reason, that this amazing religion has survived so long, rather the longest. There had been other so called multi-theistic religions which outdated and vanished alongwith time and christianity and islam became superior to all. Yet hinduism survived all the conversions, invasions and cruelties. The only reason for this survival must have been ACCEPTIVITY and RECEPTIVITY of the hindus.

Whatever, was displayed in the movie showed a poor depiction and criticized the entire religion and not just a faction(which should have been the case) which is using the very same religion for there own benefits.Even if the entire world was following the same religion, ppl would fight even after that. So, reason of differences and disputes is not religion, rather its EGO.

The movie poorly took the concept from Paresh Rawal`s play Kishan Vs Kanhaiya(Oh My God movie) and mixed it with marketing and Amir khan and mixed it well in bollywood mixer with flavors of songs. Like the 90`s era of romantic and emotional movies. Now a new kind of God criticizing movies are coming in line. 

Pls improvise and dont criticize for the sake of criticizing.Criticism is good and we are open to that, But, dont try to replace yourself with old idols, it will be one and the same thing. Instead try and create a new thought and leave it open ended, like they did in Oh My God!. 

Leave us with a question, to answer on our own and not an answer to your self presumed beliefs. Dont lead us, let us realize our own fingerprint and our connection with god. Else you will just replace the old idols with your pics.

And i would like to leave you with a question, what came into being first, Religion or temple?
So discard, whatever came after religion is LULL.


A/The Viewer.

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