I was surfing , where the most world`s population is found surfing these days, on internet.And specifically on youtube. Accidently i landed on a link of Dr.Zakir Naik which said "Woman Challenging zakir naik on Polygamy". Basically, Dr.Zair Naik is a speaker with loads of knowledge on comparative study (all religions  in a comparison manner). So, this speaker is shot with a question on polygamy in islam.
I thought i would learn something out of this, or may be a new thought or a new dimension would be opened.And as usual, Dr.Naik starts throwing hell lot of facts on polygamy talking about the traditions in Christianity,Hinduism,Judaism and others.
The facts given by him are as:-

 I dont know the truth of the facts presented by him, but i will presume that he may be right for the facts, as he had studied all the religious scriptures.

Shockingly whilst answering the last fact with scientific logic, he says that in an ideal situation where one man marries one woman, there will be a few woman remaining, who will become "public property".

The matrix , or the logic he designed here was as absurd as the rules laid by the religious people. I just went through the logic  again and found out that the rules listed here are all laid by the men, the anchors of the patriarchal society, who wanted to civilize the society in the garb of religion in a really poor attempt.

The lady simply asked, whether polygamy is justified or not, to which i may say , even the women has a right to have multiple husbands, if she can do justice to all.

There has to be an Instinctive logic rather than a distinctive logic, where he is trying to be distinct by throwing un-necessary facts, to which, my instinct says that a man or a woman may do whatever they want without hurting anyone physically or mentally to the best of there efforts. For me that is a religion which will be acceptable in the ages to come.

I know i am not going to find God with what am i saying, But i am certainly sure that you will go to the same place where i will go after death. As, you are as illogical as i am. The facts laid by Dr.Naik may be correct but logic doesnt makes the wrong, a right. Lets re-invent and introspect on what we depict and what we must follow.

Dont try to be always distinct, instead, try to follow your instinct and make it a logic at times.


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