Forget it - Justice delayed, Justice denied.

                                Forget it - Justice delayed, Justice denied.

Ahh! it was a tiring day at office, I came back home, switched on the T.v and there was an anchor having his panel discussing 1984 again.
                    Its 2014 now and I dont understand why these anchors and news channels make money out of such issues and dont let the issues die, for which nothing can be done. They showed a lady who lost her 10 family members in a single day of riots.
They have even rejected the word riots and are pressing the issue, to use the word Genocide for it, i dont understand what will happen by changing the words.

I was 2 years when these riots, or genocide, as they would call it, happened. And today i am 32 years, but the issue is still alive,or must i say it happens near every election. A committee is demanded, followed by another investigation committee.
According to me, as i thought at that particular time, this must be forgotten. As it is becoming just a gimmick. We should move on.
                    They are again and again showing this lady who lost 10 of her family members on a single day, She tells a horrific story that her son and husband were immolated(burnt alive) in front of her eyes and reduced to ashes.
But i wonder what can be done now, no one can bring them back.Though, I do feel bad about her.

            Just like another day, i switched off the T.V and picked my 2 years daughter, and started moving towards the market. While climbing the stairs my daughter fell. My heart almost sank and i rushed as fast as i could, to pick her up, rubbed her clothes and consoled her, before she shed any tears.Thanks to god that she was fine.

But suddenly i felt a pinch in my heart, the story which that lady told, who lost 10 family members, came back to my mind.I recalled almost everything in my mind and was shocked. On one hand i could not see my daughter shedding a single tear and getting hurt.On the other hand, that lady saw her son getting immolated alive, in front of her own eyes, but still couldn`t help him, as she was hiding her only
daughter behind a cupboard. Her son must have been shouting, crying for help and she must have been praying to god, watching him helplessly, being turned to ashes by the mob. How could she even bear that. That was un-explainable.
        And i being over-mature and over-analytical was trying to find a way to console her, so that she forgets everything.I may never be able to understand her. May be she will never get justice, but she still, during her last 30 years, when she wanted to die every single day,raised her head high to protect her daughter and is still cuddling her daughter away from the mob, keeps on living like a walking dead body, a corpse.
May be we can never deliver any justice to anyone like that. But still, we must as a system expect to allay, soothe, pacify, reduce her pain a little by punishing the culprits. So, that she can allow her daughter  to face the world alone and she can tell her daughter that the world or sorry to say, may be our nation is now a better place to live.

May be we need to define the word JUSTICE beyond any constitutional book, or any investigation team`s verdict.

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