LIFE OF PI-TATO

I feel we Engineers are working in a market, And this market has taken a
shape of a typical Indian vegetable market these days, where i relate myself easily to the POTATOES. I think all the Engineers may be made analogous to the Potatoes.

So, i am like another potato who wants to get transformed into an ONION or usually we call him a manager. But, becoming an Onion is not easy. One has to go through chopper like Performance Management systems and knife like certifications which may peel you off drastically.

But like my other fellow potatoes, no matter what, i still want to
become an Onion. So, after my hard work and diligent efforts outside my base location for almost a year. I finally, get an honor to see my  Onion who decides my fate for getting me transformed into an Onion like him or Not.

     So, finally this desire lures me into a room where i see my ONION waiting for me behind the table to decide fate of transformation. I meet  all the requirements to be an Onion, BUT, a Big But, my customer wants french fries. And french fries are made only of POTATOEs. So my respectable Onion under the pressure of his super Onions still leaves me as a potato.

May be I should make myself understand that irrespective of shape,
color, breed and brand, i will always be a potato until and unless i can
induce TEARS.

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