Competing Wo-Men?????

                                                  Competing Wo-men

Women- An interesting topic for every man.You can smell the male prejudice and chauvinism here. Ain`t it?
 If you don`t, there is something, "certainly" wrong with you?

Men- All men are dogs. Male bashing, wow, interesting. Ain`t it? PJS (Preoccupied judgemental syndrome).

A race which had been going on since centuries, and recently has turned excitingly exciting. Men sometimes,(ohh, let me correct- most of the times) refer to those cliches' and possess that stereotypical image of a woman. On the other side, what other side?. women take us the same way, the same age old stereotypical-ism prevailing about us, THE men.

Sometimes i wonder, from where did we got this amazing organizational ideology of women liberation. This must be an invention by a MAN for sure.
I think the man who started this must have had convinced the women that they are not liberated. So, a wonderful race began where women wanted themselves to be equated in the virtual world created by the man himself.

But i wonder, why this race? what is the meaning of this? This is a race where no one can secure the first rank ever.
It has to be understood. We can reach the finish line only when, we both, men and women are together, complementing each other in a complementing way. The future is together and not being ahead of each other.

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