Just imagine an era when a kid asked his dad "Dad when is your wedding anniversary?" Dad must be replying. "Anniversary! Now what is that?".
That must be an era when there was nothing known as time or may be counting the time, days or nights. How it must have had started first counting the days than calling them a week, month, year and so on. Than it must have been difficult for the inventors to invent the hours, minutes, seconds than further to microseconds, picoseconds and femto-seconds. OMG. When will this be stopped.

Actually we invented something what we call competition. If not with anyone else than must be with our ownself. Racing, and racing hard.

We want to make it before the time. BEFORE THE TIME. Do we really know the amount of hours or seconds we have in our life. I dont think anyone knows that. So, technically speaking the parameter or the reference we had drawn is itself fake, Ain`t it?. The biggest source of dissatisfaction. Every person is trying to control and buy others time, measured, controlled and paid.
Our civilization is not as good as Indus valley 5000years ago. Stop saying that now. Lets start believing in the present.The present is a gift as they say. Stop measuring it with the fake references invented by us humans.

We need something much more (may i have the liberty to say) GODLY. Live your life to the fullest like the moment you have is the only one and it will never ever come again, so nurture it. Stop worrying about the future and start living the moment we are in. I can only say lets STOP RACING with our own-selves.

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