21-12-12, A doomed DAY. ( NIRBHAYA WORLD)

21-12-2012 DOOMS Day 

22-12-12 Good morning! the world has not ended and my calender is showing me a date which says 22nd december,2012. May be the Mayan calendar couldnt evolve. So, one thing is for sure that our calendars have evolved after that.
But the question which is to be asked on this day is

                A few days back a girl was brutally raped. May be brutal is a small word and we need to define a new word for that heinous crime and the way it was committed. What sought of evolution have we really given to the world. I would say, certainly that the world has doomed after reading about that girl who was beaten, raped and thrown on the street to succumb to her injuries and finally to death.

        We might have had evolved from apes regarding looks. But i dont think there is any animal in the world from whom we borrowed our behavioral actions. May be animals wouldn`t even want to relate with us in that case. 


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